I want to...

FEEL my mechanics

Until you can actually FEEL what you're doing wrong... How do you really know what's right?  

That's why I'm going to teach you natural movements you can FEEL...

Not mechanics you can't.

I want to...

Not Hurt My Son

How is it possible you can ask the same question to 15 different coaches... 

And get 15 different answers? 

I'm not taking any chances. Here's the plan my son will follow.

I want to...

Better Overall "Stuff"

Let me show you how to consistently throw more strikes without ever thinking about mechanics again.

The secret is learning how to FEEL the difference between a ball and a strike. 

And the same goes for developing your off-speed arsenal. 

I want to...

Throw Harder, Easier

Ever wondered why you don't throw harder no matter what you try... 

Why smaller kids with less arm strength throw harder than you do?

The secret is simple.. Arm speed is instant - Arm strength is not.

Find out the average velocity for pitchers 10-up... Where does your rank?

Let me see the velocity chart

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Trust what you FEEL!

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