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There’s no denying it: the 1st thing coaches and scouts are looking for is high velocity pitchers.

Struggling to add velocity? Been stuck at the same velocity for a while?

Do even the smaller guys throw harder than you?

What’s really holding you back from throwing with easy velocity?

Velocity Safely

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Do you struggle with command?

Pound the zone one day, and can’t find it the next?

You need to command the strike zone to perform consistently and get high level hitters out.


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Arm pain during or after pitching is NOT normal.

You need to be healthy to pitch at your peak level and you need to be healthy to train so you can keep improving.

arm health

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You need a secondary pitch to compete and succeed at the highest level possible, but the curveball is holding you back.

Let me show you how to throw a nasty breaking ball that breaks over the plate and not at the elbow.

curveball or slider

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More players are “unmade” than made. Coaching young athletes is an awesome responsibility.

Check out my best practices – from years of observation, and from the past 12 years of not-so hard fought experience.

Yeah, imagine that, you can coach youth baseball, have your players improve & get results, and most importantly, the kids will still love you and the game!

youth coaching

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Plug your velocity leaks and see instant velocity gains. Your pitchers will FEEL it never forget it! Drills so simple anyone can use them. Good for any age.
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5 High-Velocity Pitching Hacks Perfect For Any Age

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