Trust what You FEEL!

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Throw harder

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FEEL how to naturally increase your velocity right now, today, without the need for weighted balls or private coaching. Click the text below to learn how you can start throwing harder today. 

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Discover how to FEEL the difference between a ball and a strike and never over-think mechanics again.

Throw Consistent Strikes

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If you're struggling with getting consistent results due to inconsistent mechanics, control and velocity that's up and down. It's time you were taught how to FEEL the difference between right and wrong.

Be more consistent

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FEEL how to repeat that nasty Curveball, Slider, or Change Up you have been working on!

IMPROVE off-speed stuff

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More players are “unmade” than made. Coaching young athletes is an awesome responsibility.

Check out my best practices – from years of observation, and from the past 12 years of not-so hard fought experience.

Yeah, imagine that, you can coach youth baseball, have your players improve & get results, and most importantly, the kids will still love you and the game!



Plug your velocity leaks and see instant velocity gains. Your pitchers will FEEL it never forget it! Drills so simple anyone can use them. Good for any age.
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