Teaching Pitchers How To Teach Themselves

Teaching Pitchers How To Teach Themselves

Scott Brown
vanderbilt pitching coach
2014 national champs

"Lantz is at the forefront of pitching...Every time we talk, I come away with something new to use with my pitching staff. There's a reason why we use Lantz' stuff here at Vandy."

Derek Johnson
pitching coach
Milwaukee Brewers

" Lantz is one of the brightest pitching minds in the game today...Definitely on my short list of people to call when it's time to talk shop."

Butch Thompson
Head coach
University of auburn

"Lantz Wheeler is today's leader in pitching information and a sincere resource for my pitching staff"

Dr. Allen Sills
Chief medical officer
national football league

"Lantz is the first I've seen to implement the basic principles of Neuroscience alongside pitching instruction...He's definitely out front, and the best part is - He's found a way to simplify the entire process. Incredible!"

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