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Most pitchers struggle to develop efficient pitching mechanics, and will never throw as hard as they should is simple… They over-think any and everything and are never taught how to FEEL it for themselves. Once you FEEL it for yourself, you never forget it.

Teaching Pitchers how to teach themselves

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Scott Brown
vanderbilt pitching coach
2014 national champs

"Lantz is at the forefront of pitching...Every time we talk, I come away with something new to use with my pitching staff. There's a reason why we use Lantz' stuff here at Vandy."

Derek Johnson
pitching coach
Milwaukee Brewers

" Lantz is one of the brightest pitching minds in the game today...Definitely on my short list of people to call when it's time to talk shop."

Butch Thompson
Head coach
University of auburn

"Lantz Wheeler is today's leader in pitching information and a sincere resource for my pitching staff"

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Plug your velocity leaks and see instant velocity gains. Your pitchers will FEEL it never forget it! Drills so simple anyone can use them. Good for any age.
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Because every single MLB organization uses The Core Velocity Belt, plus the 600+ college programs, 5/8 last College World Series Champs and the countless number of high school programs and training facilities…. Coaches in the know with the Core Velocity Belt are in high demand.

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The reason most pitchers struggle to develop efficient pitching mechanics and never throw as hard as they should is simple… They over-think any and everything and are never taught how to FEEL it for themselves.

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Have you ever seen the Karate Kid? The movie is about a young boy who’s getting bullied at school. So, he reaches out the janitor at his apartment building who just happens to be a pretty tough guy.

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"Until a player can FEEL what you're asking him to do, he will never truly understand."

Coach Tony Robichaux, University Of Louisiana Lafayette

You were born with the ability to FEEL natural movements. Trouble is, today's coaching paradigms + modern kids' lack of basic movement experiences means that most pitchers never developed the ability to FEEL their mechanics. We offer different a coaching paradigm, encourage pitchers to explore movement, and tools that enhance a pitcher's ability to FEEL the movement and create movement solutions

Feel The Movement

Because most pitchers cannot FEEL the movement, they have no way of knowing whether they're doing it right or wrong.... In other words they are left guessing or at the mercy of whatever coach is watching them at that time.

trust the feel

No more looking in the dugout for help when it starts to go bad. No more changing instructors looking for the magic words that make it stick. Armed with the ability to be their own coach, pitchers have supreme confidence knowing that, within themselves, they have the ability and tools to adjust, adapt, and rise to any challenge in front of them.

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7 In Season Velocity Hacks>>

Core Velocity Arm Care Training System>>

Pitching by FEEL; How to Throw a FEELthy Curveball>>

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Have you ever asked yourself... Why can't I throw harder? For starters… You’re Trying Way Too Hard To Throw Fast and It’s Slowing You Down!
Yeah, I’m telling you right now there’s a lot of things you could do right now to immediately see a jump in velocity. And we’re talking brain-dead simple ways to increase your velocity. It’s not rocket science.

Learn how to throw a FEELthy curveball that breaks over the plate and not at the elbow.

Put an end to arm pain… Strengthen your arm… Fix flaws in your mechanics… Before you ever pick up a baseball!