Here's the easiest way to know for 100% sure that you're using your lower-half correctly... 

Yesterday I saw a pitching coach demonstrating the lower body and I couldn't believe how badly he butchered the concept of ground forces... It was bad.

It seems like nobody truly understands what it takes to effectively use your lower-half. 

So, I thought I would help. 

Whenever you're talking ground force there's a couple of things you need to know.  

  • Ground force requires direct force INTO the ground and not pushing sideways from the back foot...
  • ...

Want to know why your pitchers can't get consistent results and find themselves constantly starting back at square #1?

Its amazing how often I hear this. “He’s really been working hard on increasing his stride length but I think he’s actually lost velocity.”  “What should we do next?”  

Inside this 10-page e-book I'm going to share with you some secrets about arm speed that will go against everything you've seen, heard, read or said when it comes to the velocity game.

If you're not aware of your center how can you expect to perform in a rotationally dominated sport such as baseball? 

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Do you know the #1 cause for poor mechanics?  I call them Man-Made Pitching Disasters!

Do you really believe that Left Handed pitchers have natural movement?

If you've ever wondered why some players choke and melt-down while others stand tall and step forward in times of chaos and competition...  You need to read every single word of what I'm about to share with you.

“You could put 10 kids in a room and ask them how hot’s the stove? And you would get 10 different answers. Nobody would agree how hot the stove really was.” (Sound like pitching mechanics?) But- “Once they FEEL the word HOT, they know!”

I often get asked... "Lantz, what's your philosophy on pitching mechanics, development.....?"  

So, here's the first 109 things that come to my mind.

Are you struggling to create hip/shoulder separation?  If so, you need to watch this video and you'll quickly learn why.

Here's proof how powerful it can be once you Trust What You FEEL!

 Do you know why so many players struggle to transfer practice results to the mound?

If you're you struggling to throw strikes, here's what you need to do....

It's crazy to think nobody else knows about the "Secret Move" with the lower-half!

Want to know what Bryce Harper taught me about the lower-half?

If you aren't trying to throw hard.. How can you expect to throw hard?

Dear Rex, It's crazy to think you're turning 17 today. It really is amazing how time flies.  I can still sense the excitement as I heard the nurse say…

Use this breathing stick to throw smoke. 

Find out how to coach your son on the baseball field without knowing a single thing about the game of baseball. 

Do you want to know the safest and most effective way to throw a curveball? 

I’ve been teaching pitching mechanics by FEEL for a long time now and honestly, I don’t know how I ever coached any other way.

Do you want to throw harder without trying to throw harder?

Today we are going to discuss the letter E. Any ideas what the E stands for?

Most pitchers FEEL like they are losing velocity from the stretch, but it's really energy they are leaking.

Tell me something please. Why doesn't every pitching coach teach movement and not mechanics?

Can your pitchers FEEL what you are asking him to do?

There's a reason why over 150 NCAA D1 programs trust the Core Velocity Belt. 

Your velocity, command, and arm stress is dependent on something we call the nervous system.

How is your kinetic chain working? Remember, everything affects everything. 

Do you want a vest, or do you want the real thing?

Dr. Stephen Osterer is a brilliant mind. Check out his post regarding hip rotation. 

"Hey Ron. I heard what you said about my belt. "

How you can coach your son like you really love him.