Teaching Pitchers How To Teach Themselves

Have you ever seen the Karate Kid? The movie is about a young boy who’s getting bullied at school. So, he reaches out the janitor at his apartment building who just happens to be a pretty tough guy. The young man reaches out to the janitor and asks him if he would be willing to […]

Changing The Delivery By Focusing On Movement

Over the last few years The Core Velocity belt has exploded in popularity throughout Major League Baseball, College Baseball, High School and Travel Baseball, as well as Youth Baseball. Our Core Velocity Training Programs sell out every session throughout the year, but the question we get all the time is “How can I use The Core […]

3 Reasons Why Core Velocity Remote Training Works

Here’s a pitching mechanics tip for you… The fastest way to solve a movement problem is by creating movement problems. Honestly, I can say I’ve been wrong so many more times than I’ve been right.  Between me and you, I feel like writing an apology letter to some of my previous pitchers. Have you ever […]

What The Data SAID About Hip Rotation

I recently ran across a Facebook quiz “Who’s your baby’s daddy?”  Sadly, my mind read, “Who’s your baby data?”  Sounds crazy, I know.  But I want you to think about it.  The quiz was designed to trace back your signs and symptoms of pregnancy.  The testing (data) in place would let you know that you’re […]

Who’s Your Baby Data?

The reason most pitchers struggle to improve leg drive is simple… They focus on the legs instead of the hips. And with all the information out there and pitching mechanics breakdowns available, I can see why you’re confused as hell. Most pitchers are sadly taught to: Load the hips Stay tall Push off the ground […]

How To Corkscrew Your Hips Using The Core Velocity Belt

Crazy as it sounds… Journals are one of the fastest and most effective ways I’ve learned to “Teach Pitchers How To Teach Themselves.” I’ve been journaling for almost 11 years now and my library now includes 381 journals. Honestly, it’s to the point now that I FEEL anxiety when my journals aren’t at arm’s length. […]

Why Journals Increase Your Brain’s Internet Connection Speeds

The more in-depth I get with testing my clients using Motion Capture, the more convinced I am that most traditional pitching drills… Are a waste of time. Most of the drills we’ve tested using 4D Motion Sports capture showed an actual regression when attempting to transfer results to the mound. I know it goes against […]

How To Change Pitching Mechanics Without Using A Single Pitching Drill

It’s amazing how advanced player development has evolved over the past 5 years, or so. With the advancements in tech, and the emergence of experts and guru’s on every corner, it’s easy to see why. Because I’m no idiot, I decided a couple of years ago to adapt these lessons into my daily teachings as a […]

8 Baseball Lessons We Teach Our Players… But Hopefully Not Our Kids!

There’s a reason Pitch-a-Palooza has been called… The #1 coaching clinic in America, and… A 3-Day MasterClass in player development. Just take a look at this year’s line-up: Confirmed: Lantz Wheeler Kyle Boddy – Driveline Baseball Eric Cressey – Cressey Sports Performance David Ray – Bledsoe Brothers Hunter Bledsoe – Bledsoe Brothers James Ogden – […]

Will You Be Joining Us At Pitch-a-Palooza 2019?

Ever heard the old saying… “You become what you believe?” If you say, “I suck.” You’re exactly right. You do suck. If you say, “I can’t do this” You’re exactly right. You just told yourself you can’t, so you can’t. Truth is… The kinetic chain starts with the brain!     Great news is… The […]

The Kinetic Chain Starts With The Brain

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