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What you need to know before getting started: This is the first of many short #Palooza18 posts I’ll be writing. You can search Twitter for the hash-tag #Palooza18 which was attended by over 400, to see the Behind The Scenes. Follow me on Instagram for all the behind the scenes stuff I’ll be putting out. […]

What If…. I Never Learned This Backwoods Pitching Lesson From A NYC Hitting Coach?

Can I ask you a question? Do you like pitching on a muddy mound or hitting in a slippery box? Then why do you slide your shoes on without tying them tightly? Stability is stability! It’s crazy to think how many pitchers spend so much time working on Pitching mechanics Arm care Velocity training Long […]

Why Loose Shoes Lose Velocity

The following article was contributed by Zach DeChant. Zach is the Senior Assistant Director of Strength Training at Texas Christian University and the good news is… Zach will be speaking at Pitch-a-Palooza this December alongside the game’s most sought after minds. Be sure to check it out. —- I believe strongly in the benefits of […]

Train Fast To Be Fast: 5 Reasons All Pitchers Should Sprint

Today’s baseball world is driven by data. And that’s a good thing as long as you know how to deliver it. Because data without delivery, is useless.   Delivery without data, is useless. So, in today’s blog post… I’m going to layout exactly how I use my FEEL method to deliver data in a way […]

Trust What You FEEL: The Art and Science of Delivering Data

Are you struggling to get more from your lower-half? Maybe you’ve searched lower-half pitching mechanics but found everyone preaching something completely different? Ever been told you’d get more velocity, if only… “You used your lower-half better?” Problem is… Everything you’ve tried to this point, isn’t working is it? Didn’t think so. That’s why I’ve put […]

Lower-Half Pitching Mechanics: How To ‘Ride The Slide’ Like An MLB Pitcher

I’ll be giving away 10 “Be The Guy Nobody Wants To Throw With” t-shirts. All you have to do to enter to win one of ten, is click the button below and follow the instructions. Be The Guy T-shirt   Trust what you FEEL!  

Be The Guy Who Wins This T-Shirt…(10 will win!)

Warning: If you’re looking for technical, complicated ways to confuse the Hell out of your pitchers… This ain’t the post for you. Great, you’re still here so that tells me a few things: You’re a coach looking for an easy way to finally teach your pitchers how to use their lower-half, in hopes of improving […]

The Pitching Coaches Guide To Teaching How The Lower-Half Really Works

If you’re looking to increase your velocity, it’s important that you understand a very simple concept… It’s your ability to move efficiently through the center of your body that separates your 85 MPH pitchers from your 95 MPH pitchers! (Same concept applies to hitters) Take a break for a second and try this…  Close your […]

3 Pitching Velocity Checkpoints That Require Your Immediate Attention!

Here’s the easiest way to know for 100% sure that you’re using your lower-half correctly… Yesterday I saw a pitching coach demonstrating the lower body and I couldn’t believe how badly he butchered the concept of ground forces… It was bad. It seems like nobody truly understands what it takes to effectively use your lower-half. […]

Ground Force-Less Pitching Mechanics

Want to know why your pitchers can’t get consistent results and find themselves constantly starting back at square #1?   Why it’s almost impossible to get practice drills to transfer to the mound.   Why most pitchers revert back to old habits and can never repeat the great performance you witnessed in the bullpen. The […]

Hacking the Velocity Code

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