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Core Velocity Belt 3.0 Training System

Do you think over 170+ NCAA D1 programs, including 2 of the past 3 College World Series Champs and 21 MLB organizations would use The Core Velocity Belt… If it didn’t work?

Pitch-A-Palooza '16

Watch the #1 Coaches Clinic In America over and over again from the comfort of your couch... The Legendary Pitch-a-Palooza 15 'Meeting of the Minds'...

Find Out Where Your Velocity Ranks Nationwide Compared To Others Your Age 

During a 5 year span, I recorded over 2,000 players velocity and then organized the averages based on age groups.  You're going to be blown away at what I discovered.  


Watch the #1 Coaches Clinic In America over and over again from the comfort of your couch... The Legendary Pitch-a-Palooza 2017 Titans of Development is now available.  

Have you ever heard something or learned it from someone else and you go, “how have I never thought of that?”  Well that’s what happened to me  when I had the chance to visit with Tony Robichaux, the Head Coach at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.  He is one of the premier pitching coaches in the country.  He made the comment that pitchers aren’t trying to throw balls, they just don’t know the difference between the feel of a ball and a strike.  Genius! 

Get The NCAA Record Smashing Coaching System Used By The NCAA’s #1 Offense….

Put an end to arm pain... Strengthen your arm... Fix flaws in your mechanics... Before you ever pick up a baseball! 

Core Velocity Belt Ad

Scott Brown spills his guts and shows you exactly how the National Championship Vanderbilt Commodores uses The Core Velocity Belt every single day to build work-load, fine-tune mechanics and boost velocity.

FEELthy Curveball

This 10 - Part Video Course teaches you how to FEEL the perfect curve-ball to buckle and embarrass hitters.