Derek Johnson

“Lantz has a proven track record and reputation for developing high level pitchers…”
Derek Johnson
Pitching Coordinator for the Chicago Cubs
Derek Johnson

“I’ve been coaching D1 baseball for 30 years and the information that Lantz is putting out,that we are using at UL, is nothing short of outstanding!”
Tony Robichaux
Head Coach at the #2 Ranked University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Derek Johnson

“BaseballThinkTank has become a sincere resource for me and my pitching staff at Mississippi State University…”
Butch Thompson
Pitching Coach at 2013 College World Series Runner-up Mississippi State Bulldogs

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“What’s Your ‘Butterfly-Effect’ – Your Future Wants To Know thumbnail

“What’s Your ‘Butterfly-Effect’ – Your Future Wants To Know

What I"m about to share with you goes against everything you've ever been told about pitching mechanics, and that's a good thing.

Too often pitchers never make effective or long-lasting changes to increase their velocity or reduce arm pain. Instead, they end up focusing on the symptom and not the cause. If only more pitchers realized that more times than not, it's a very small problem that's causing the rest of your issues and...

Best of all, everyone of the big issues holding you back could be fixed on their own before you're done reading this article.

Barry Zito Mowing Down MLB Hitters With Little League Fastball (79-82 MPH) thumbnail

Barry Zito Mowing Down MLB Hitters With Little League Fastball (79-82 MPH)

Here's a great story of a $100 Million dollar pitcher having success at the AAA level, and get this... He's doing it with a 79 MPH fastball.

If you’re a low velocity pitcher stuck in the mud and unable to pick up any speed, or you’re a guy who struggles with inconsistent velocity… You’re going to love this!


It also applies to all you ‘obsessive velo’ guys who worry yourself sick about velocity and see nothing wrong with sniping the unsuspecting, on-deck hitter with the good ole’ #1.