Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Pitching Mechanics During The Season!



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  1. Troy P says:


    I’m a speech pathologist and the analogy is spot-on! I love how you were able to intertwine the two in a way that makes perfect sense and is so easy to understand. It takes some talent do that 🙂 Keep up the good work, I know everyone in our LL is familiar with Baseball Think Tank.

    Your ahead of the curve, keep it going!

  2. Lantz says:


    Appreciate the kind words and glad your team is getting some good use out of the site. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see covered and again, I appreciate the support and thanks for commenting.


  3. Zita Carno says:

    Good evening, Lantz.
    A lot of the blame must be placed on those pitching coaches who are so focused on the minutiae of mechanics that they fail to consider other aspects of pitching…things like repertoire, setting up the hitters, the mental and psychological aspects of the bump. My pitching coach of many moons ago never had to tell me much about mechanics, just suggested a couple of things here and there I could do, and it was always during a workout when we would zero in on something. What he really focused on with me was things like strategic pitching in its various ramifications; he would tell me stories from his own experience to illustrate points, or he would show me a different grip or a new pitch. The time to focus on things mechanical is NOT during the heat of a season! Thanks for bringing up the subject and setting things straight.

  4. Lee Trotman says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Trevor Bauer Mechanics Change <Loved it!

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