Why I Teach Pitching Mechanics by FEEL (Part 3 of 4)


Let me get you caught up to speed in case you missed the first two parts.

I've been teaching pitching mechanics by FEEL for a long time now and honestly, I don't know how I ever coached any other way.

Teaching and coaching by FEEL does a couple of things.

#1: Coaching by FEEL puts the player in 100% control. After all, he's the one FEELing what I"m asking to him to do.

#2: Becuase he's actually doing, FEELing... He's understanding.

And that my friend is the key to coaching.

You could be the smartest guy in the world but if your players don't understand what you're really saying...

Who's the dumbarse?

And that's the real problem we are facing in the baseball instruction world today.

Players are over-loaded with information and short on communication. In other words, the reason they have poor mechanics is because their body has no idea what to do.

You know how it goes...

Talk to 15 pitching coaches and you get 15 different answers to the same question.


That wouldn't happen if you were being taught to FEEL your mechanics.

That's where FEEL comes into play.

Part 1: F = Focus. Seriously, if you don't have a clear Focus of what you're attempting to do, how in the heck would you ever know if you were successful? How could you ever learn the difference between right and wrong, without a crystal clear goal?

Part 2: E= Experience. Until your body has experienced what it FEELs like to do wrong, it will never know right. Contrast my friends is the secret ingredient to FEEL.

In other words...

You gotta FEEL wrong to FEEL right.

That brings us to the second letter E.

E = Eliminate

The player development is the merely the process of elimination.

Its all about finding ways "not-to" do it the next time.

Yeah that's right.

FEEL is all about failing, kinda. Really it's about re-defining failure and realizing there has to be a time to fail.

Think about it.

You only truly ever Fail because you didn't realize why you Failed in the first place. Being the sport of baseball is built around failure, this is pretty important to know.

Cause at the end of the day we all expect you to fail. But the true measuring stick is how you respond to failure. That's how you'll be remembered.

In the end...

E= Eliminate

  • Eliminate communication barriers - Talk less, FEEL more.
  • Eliminate a 'one-way' mentality - Try different things, you never know what works best for you, until you FEEL what truly works for you!

Trust what you FEEL!



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There's got to be a reason over 160 NCAA D1 programs along with 19 MLB teams use The Core Velocity Belt every single day.

FEEL The Core Velocity Belt for yourself and if it's not everything you imagined, send the darn thing back and I'll not only refund every dime but I'll customize your very own program.


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