Why I Teach Movement... Not Mechanics!

Tell me something please...

Why doesn't every pitching coach

Teach Movement, Not Mechanics?

  • Movements are natural, mechanics are not.
  • Movements can be FELT, mechanics cannot.
  • Maybe you just didn't know?

You could make a million throws in a row and none of them, not a single one would show up exactly the same way on the video, or computer screen. Heck.. You can't even write your name the same way twice, yet you want to somehow magically repeat the same mechanics? Talking about setting your body up for failure. Sorry, brother. Ain't gonna happen. Here's how I look at it.

  1. I can FEEL Movement.... Not Mechanics.
  2. If I can FEEL it, I Can Understand it... Not Mechanics.
  3. If I FEEL it, I can remember it... Not mechanics.

And here's the kicker...

Today's pitcher is LOOOOONG on information but short on communication.

They're confused by every coach, or instructor having their own personal Black Book on proper mechanics. They spend their time in front of computers and screens instead of dirt mounds and backstops. Is there a more natural and effective way to communicate to the human body, other than FEEL?

Either way you go, good or bad....The Body will respond to FEEL.

I could keep going but I'm not. Just wanted to give you a better understanding of why I'm constantly preaching...

Think Movement... Not Mechanics

And watch how much better your mechanics get.

Trust what you FEEL!

P.S: If you're interested in learning more cause you're sick of worrying and talking about mechanics because we both know that's not the answer!

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