Who’s Your Baby Data?

Lantz Wheeler


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  1. Brian Walters says:

    Damn Lantz, this has to be the single best blog post you have ever done!

  2. Awesome and sooo clearly stated…Thank You Lantz!

  3. Jerry says:

    INCREDIBLE info! You may have just changed the landscape forever!

  4. Kevin Nolan says:

    thanks for sending, really informative on how to think about things and not just bury your head in the ending

  5. D Brock says:

    Your right the starting point effects the end result every time in anything.Im a farmer and it’s automatic to start with good seed, good seed bed and good seed placement.Depth of seed and timing of water and fertilizer affects the end result.If you place the seed to close or plant into weeds you get weak spindly stalks and no yield.Great work Coach!

    • lantzwheeler says:

      Thanks for taking the time to commment, sincerely appreciated. Love the analogy by the way, very good!

  6. John Venturella says:

    Great info . Lanz ! Thanks fir shareing !