What’s The #1 Thing Most High Velocity Pitchers Do?

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  1. William McDonald says:

    I understand the concept and have tried having pitchers and hitters feel the Pelvis during rotation process. Trying to find ways to help them feel it and use it.

  2. William McDonald says:

    Want to the how to help pitchers feel this rotational process.

    • lantzwheeler says:

      Hey William,

      Are you wanting to know how to get pitchers to FEEL this? Is that the question? If so, that’s an easy one. Follow the 5.0 Core Velocity Program. That’s the #1 goal of the entire program.

      Honestly, I don’t think there’s another way and that’s no BS. The ability to FEEL requires a mind-muscle connection referred to as proprioception. And there’s not a drill in the world that can do that.

      It all comes down to being able to
      1. Connect the mind-muscle. (Brain is originator of every movement.)
      2. FEEL the hips perform basic movements.. Without proprioception (ability to feel hips) there’s no way to coordinate the movements.
      3. After you can FEEL and coordinate the movements you begin putting them into motion with the goal being synchronized motion.

      And that’s the process we use, exactly.

      You’ve got to realize that the delivery is made up of several sub-movements required to be embedded… before you do anything like this. Problem is, people don’t view it this way… They think a pitching drill resolves every issue. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

  3. p.sizzle says:

    could you go a little more in depth on what that means and possibly some exercises or tactics on how to do that better?

    • lantzwheeler says:

      Thanks for commenting.

      The key to the video is a combo of hip proprioception (Mind-Muscle connection) and coordinated movements syncrhonized into efficient motion. A long story short, there’s no pitching drills that will create this… It’s the primary purpose of the Core Velo Belt and we go in-depth in the 5.0 system.

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