I often get asked... 

"Lantz, what's your philosophy on pitching mechanics, development.....?"  

So, being the lazy bum I am, I thought I'd take time to write down the first 109 thoughts that come to my mind. 

After all, I've written or discussed each of these beliefs extensively throughout my blog, instructional videos and podcasts.  


Here's the links to the most popular podcasts: 

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  4. FEEL your Center (Mechanics) - Dr. Chris McKenzie


But, the coolest part...

These are not only my beliefs. 

Honestly, what I"m going to share with you is a Lifelong journey of learning.  It's info and tidbits that I discovered from reaching out and learning from the best in the business.  Guys like Paul Nyman, Derek Johnson, Scott Brown, Tony Robichaux, Paul Nyman and many more.   

Because nowadays there's so much bad information floating around, you really don't know who to believe and definitely no idea, on who to trust.  

So, I thought I'd share our Beliefs at BaseballThinkTank.com.  

And after you read and share this post, you'll have much better understanding of what it really means to... 

Trust what you FEEL!


  1. WE Believe pitchers will never truly understand what they’re being asked to do, until they can FEEL what’s being asked of them to do.  Tony Robichaux
  2. WE Believe the fastest way to ruin a young pitcher is by making him a pitcher.  ("You've got to throw to pitch.. You don't have to pitch to throw."  Paul Nyman
  3. WE Believe the player development process is a system of trial and errors and the goal is not too eliminate failure but to minimize the amout of times you fail.  Paul Nyman
  4. WE Believe inputs BECOME outputs.  
  5. WE Believe intentions BEGET actions.
  6. WE Believe form FOLLOWS function.
  7. WE Believe in teaching movements you can FEEL, not mechanics you can’t!
  8. WE Believe arm speed is Instant... Arm strength is not!
  9. WE Believe mechanics starts with the BRAIN!
  10. WE Believe in doing today what others won't... So you can do tomorrow what others can't.
  11. WE Believe in finding the WHY first.
  12. WE Believe a pitcher will never buy in until he knows you believe “in” him.
  13. WE Believe you either win or you learn, and you'll never lose.  (Results are feedback, good or bad... Feedback is always available if you know where to look")
  14. WE Believe every pitcher is different, learns different and should be coached different.
  15. WE Believe most mechanical flaws are a result of poor communication on the coaches behalf.
  16. WE Believe coaching starts and ends with communicating.
  17. WE Believe the goal for a coach is to be a master Questionnaire.  (Asking questions is vitally important to the development and trust process.)
  18. WE Believe coaches should talk less...instead listen and ask more.
  19. WE Believe until you can FEEL what’s wrong, you will never know what’s right.
  20. WE Believe every pitcher deserves the right to FEEL good about themselves.
  21. WE Believe ability trumps skill in the early development process.
  22. WE Believe development is a choice and it's only your choice, not your parents or coaches. 
  23. WE Believe the best players compete in Empty rooms when nobody is around, when nobody is looking and they won’t receive a pat on the back or acknowledgement for doing what has to be done if you’re to be the best you can possibly be.
  24. WE Believe video analysis has created a generation of pitchers who over-think every single move they make and have become Pitching Mech-addicts. 
  25. WE Believe mechanics are not the reason pitchers struggle to throw strikes, it's because you think it your mechanics... that's why you don't throw strikes.
  26. WE Believe intent is the clearest form of communication.
  27. WE Believe the quickest way for a pitcher to learn to throw strikes is by practicing throwing balls… Because until you can FEEL the difference you will never know.
  28. WE Believe long toss can be thrown in a closet.
  29. WE Believe pitchers should focus on their personal strengths and forget about what everyone else is doing. They are not you. You are not them.
  30. WE Believe that 99% of mechanical issues can be traced back to the eyes and feet.  (Be a Hammock)
  31. WE Believe the fastest way to make changes to mechanics is by changing the variables around the goal.  (It's why Loud Sounds increase velocity.)
  32. WE Believe in focusing on developing what's inside your circle... and not worrying about that which is outside our circle of control.  
  33. WE Believe the type of breaking ball you throw chooses you... think of it as an arranged marriage to your arm slot. 
  34. WE Believe every parents and coaches should focus on what their kids do right, and not what they do wrong.
  35. WE Believe more pitchers are Un-Made versus developed.
  36. WE Believe until a player learns to Fail, he will never learn to succeed.
  37. WE Believe the goal for any coach should be to teach the pitcher how to become his own coach.
  38. WE Believe the difference between 85 and 95 mph is your ability to move more efficiently through the center mass and hip region.
  39. WE Believe FEEL is the body’s native language. The body will respond to FEEL for good or bad.
  40. WE Believe emulation of mechanics Is the fastest way to destroy natural ability.
  41. WE Believe the arm is at the mercy of the hips and the arm will follow whatever path the hips create.
  42. WE Believe teaching pitching by positions is a total waste of time and its why so many pitchers are being setup to fail and constantly starting over.
  43. WE Believe that most instruction focuses on the coaches’ strengths, and not the players.
  44. WE Believe the best coaches eliminate the need for coaching
  45. WE Believe baseball is a rotational sport and that the arm is at the mercy of the hips.
  46. WE Believe the body want's to match and will go to great lengths to achieve equal/opposite.  
  47. WE Believe most of the mechanical flaws you see are Man-Made
  48. WE Believe teaching the change up to younger kids is one of the fastest way to slow down his velocity growth and kills movement patterns needed later in life for high velocity throwing.
  49. WE Believe throwing is a pre-requisite to pitching and until you learn to throw, you have no chance of learning to pitch.
  50. WE Believe most pitchers are wasting their time focusing on fixing the symptom and not the cause of the symptom.
  51. WE Believe the reason so many pitchers lose velocity when they step on the mound is because they are over-thinking mechanics.
  52. WE Believe pitchers are trained and conditioned to OVER-think mechanics due to instructional cues and video analysis.
  53. WE Believe the results you see on the mound are a direct reflection of what you're doing off the mound. 
  54. WE Believe the #1 issue with the lower-half is that pitchers can't distinguish between rotating and spinning.  
  55. WE Believe most pitchers would benefit by ditching the wind-up and throwing only from the stretch.
  56. WE Believe contrast is the fuel that accelerates development.
  57. WE Believe that not all pitch counts are the same.
  58. WE Believe the day you pitch should be the easiest day of your training cycle because you’ve prepared yourself.
  59. WE Believe the human body’s #1 goal is to protect itself and it will go to great lengths to make it happen.
  60. WE Believe most arm injuries can be traced back to inefficient movements found inside the hips.
  61. WE Believe the hips are the #1 factor in arm speed and arm health.
  62. WE Believe the body works as a system to produce and generate velocity… Sleep, nutrition rest, communication all play a vital role.
  63. WE Believe a pitcher should focus on learning to throw the ball hard before being asked to throw strikes.
  64. WE Believe teaching pitchers to get a longer stride is a sure fire way to kill any chance for effectively using the hips.
  65. WE Believe anytime you have a small injury, ache or pain the body will compensate.
  66. WE Believe tension in a specific part of your body is it's natural way of asking for attention.
  67. WE Believe mechanics start with the mind.
  68. WE Believe Breathing is the first skill to teach because if a pitcher cannot breathe, he can't listen.  
  69. WE Believe throwing is a competitive sport. 
  70. WE Believe most arm injuries occur due to being under-prepared versus over-used. 
  71. WE Believe throwing is a building up process and pitching is a tearing down process.
  72. WE Believe the inverted W stems from the lower-half, as well as the high elbow arm actions. 
  73. WE Believe most pitching online pitching coaches have never coached a single inning in their life.
  74. WE Believe the lower body fixes the upper body.
  75. WE Believe the fastest way to increase velocity is by sealing the leaks losing velocity.
  76. WE Believe no two pitchers will ever have the same mechanics and no pitcher will ever make throw the baseball the exact same way twice.
  77. WE Believe you could ask 20 pitchers what does stay back mean and you would get 20 different answers.. so why do we keep doing it.
  78. WE Believe more pitchers should train barefoot because it sends valuable info to the brain.
  79. WE Believe many if not most pitchers have poor hip proprioception and kinesthetic awareness.
  80. WE Believe every pitcher is 100% different.
  81. WE Believe video analysis ends up being nothing more than a beauty pageant which is scored by every different judge watching.
  82. WE Believe the only pitching mechanics you should ever attempt to copy, are your own.
  83. WE Believe no pitching coach should ever offer advice in the middle of bullpen.
  84. WE Believe many pitchers struggle not with mechanics but with basic movement which prevent them from having good mechanics.
  85. WE Believe in mastering the basics before moving forward. 
  86. WE Believe the best fastball is the inside fastball under the hands, not the one down away.
  87. WE Believe the hardest pitchers throw the hardest because they are the pitchers who try to throw the hardest.
  88. WE Believe FEEL takes the thinking out of mechanics and allows the body do what it knows best.
  89. WE Believe until you learn to trust what you feel, you will be forced to rely on everyone else’s opinion.
  90. WE Believe most parents pay for someone to guess what’s wrong because their kids have never been taught to FEEL what’s right.
  91. WE Believe that most bad mechanics are man-made and not god-given.
  92. WE Believe muscle memory is a lie.
  93. WE Believe the 10,000 hour rule is a lie.
  94. WE Believe the reason pitchers won’t listen to their dad is because Dad won’t listen to them.
  95. WE Believe quality trumps quantity.
  96. WE Believe ‘this” throw is the most important one you make.
  97. WE Believe the worst thing a pitcher could do is the same thing he did yesterday.
  98. WE Believe most pitchers are pitching-mechaddicts
  99. WE Believe there were Hall of Fame pitchers and hard throwers long before scientific studies, video analysis and pitching lessons.
  100. WE Believe the smallest adjustments make the biggest changes.
  101. WE Believe most pitchers and coaches focus on what’s really not important.
  102. WE Believe hurt is not sore and sore is not hurt.
  103. WE Believe the reason so many pitchers don’t know the difference in sore and hurt is because they don’t’ throw enough.
  104. WE Believe most pitchers are trained to not make their own adjustments because they’re always being told what to adjust.
  105. WE Believe in taking the time to write down what you learned about yourself each day inside a journal.
  106. WE Believe the body is the best pitching coach.
  107. WE Believe you've got to Trust what you FEEL!
  108. WE Believe if it weren’t for Paul Nyman and so many others that have influenced my career… We'd be like the rest and have no idea what to believe.
  109. Now, it's your turn.

Leave a comment below and let's talk about this.. 

  1. Which do you believe?
  2. Which ones do you disagree with?   

Don't forget to share!

Talk soon and until then.. 

Trust what you FEEL!



Brian Walters (not verified)

Excellent post. My son & I have implemented your entire philosophy into his training. It's the best thing we have ever done. We comunicate better, he has better command, & his velocity just keeps climbing. He says the ball just jumps out of his hand now. Throwing as hard as he can has become effortless. He can throw a game simulation bullpen of 80 pitches with ZERO soreness the next day. Heck, we have yet to attend a camp. Everything we do is just from the PMMS & CVB 3.0 programs. Thanks again for your continuing effort to develop these young men into successful atheletes.

Kurt Greenwood

Great stuff! I'm ambivalent about mechanics vs feel. My son started having arm problems at a younger age. The orthopedic surgeon said to rest it. we did and then got him local lessons that helped because he taught mechanics but taught him to feel what he was doing. so it was sort of both. It really helped.
104. I remember a time where I realized that i needed to stop coaching him while he was warming up and pitching in a game. He learned to feel what he was doing and adjust in game. I don't bother him any more.
I also believe hip strength and mobility have a lot to do with velocity, etc. My son needs more velocity and it just so happens he is very inflexible and weak in the hips which I believe are related.
What I see in young pitchers in club ball is that most of them have been cloned mechanically. then I see so many MLB pitchers who have different mechanics.
Kurt G.

Lantz Wheeler | Founder


Thanks for sharing man!


Lantz Wheeler | Founder


Thanks a lot man! So glad to hear it's helping.


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