(Video) The Secret Lower Body Move Nobody Knows

Are you finally ready to learn how to get every single ounce from your lower-body? Inside this video you will learn:

  • Why the "inverted W" and "high elbows" is not an arm action issue, it's a lower-body issue.
  • Why most of your mechanical flaws are "Man-Made".
  • Why you should avoid the "Pelvic Pretzel" at all costs.
  • Why the feet are stinking up your mechanics and causing your arm and elbow pain.

I could go on and on, but we're wasting time.

If you're ready to FINALLY learn how to use your legs, generate more power from your lower-half to take the stress off your arm while increasing your velocity... All you gotta do is enter your email to watch the video and you'll be glad you did. After watching all 7:00 plus minutes of this video, do me a favor...

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Trust what you FEEL!


Daniel M Krapf (not verified)

Great video like to see more drills with the car velocity belt

Chris Cox (not verified)

Good video! Thanks Lantz!

Lantz Wheeler | Founder


Gotta enter your email to watch.


Rob (not verified)


Thanks for the video. You described my son (15) when you mentioned standing tall through his delivery. "The Move" seems to make sense for him to engage his entire body in the process.

Thanks so much!

Mark (not verified)

As a father to two pitchers that's seen most of what's out there, "mirror the slope" is a simple concept to clean up inefficiencies in their motion. Great stuff!

Gonzie Trevino (not verified)

Very good. I need to learn more about this. I need to have my kid analyzed. He has lower half issues w the high elbow and is n JUCO. His velo hasn't increased in 2 years and he works his ass off. It's tough to see.

RUBEN MUNOZ | High School Coach

Just trying to understand concept better. I bought belt and i will begin doing the primary steps with my pitchers at the high school level.

Steve (not verified)

Love this concept of intent. I do this with my 5 yr old son too and tell him to swing as hard as he can.

My desire is that if the game can stay fun for my son, he'll keep playing, and keep playing, and he'll get better because he keeps playing, because hopefully I've been keeping it fun for him.

Thanks, Lantz for the video.

Coach1 (not verified)

Can't wait to try it tomorrow

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