[Video] How To Coach Your Son Like You Really Love Him


Want to know why I refuse to coach my son, even though I coached at the highest NCAA level of college baseball? It's pretty simple really. I love him too much. Besides, I coach him without even knowing he's being coached and the best part about it is... It's fun. We win every time we're together and enjoy every single second. My secret?

 "Praise the INTENT... NOT the results" 

  1.  Your can't control the results, he can control the process of Intent.
  2. His Mechanics start with his brain, motor patterns lease space there
  3. You gotta "Think with the END in Mind" and work backwards when creating a plan of development for your son, and pitchers.
  4. Allow the external goal to shape the internal movement patterns
  5. Avoid giving "How to" information, let him FEEL it and call it whatever he wants.


Talk less... Ask more questions

And last but definitely not least...

Avoid Pitching Instruction AT All Costs!

Pretty easy my friend. Follow these simple rules and not only will your son Thank You later but you two are going to enjoy every single second spent with each other. Isn't that why we do it in the first place? Enjoy!

Trust what you FEEL!

P.S: Special thanks to Rex for actually participating in this video, that's not an easy task. ;)


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