Is your son working his tail off to increase his velocity, going above and beyond what his coach or instructor is asking, but not seeing results?

More than likely, you’re struggling to:

  • Increase your velocity because you’ve tried several different programs but didn’t get the results you’d hoped for. 
  • Improve your lower-half mechanics because you’ve been told you’d gain velocity and reduce arm stress by utilizing your legs more effectively… but sadly, nobody has taught you how. 
  • Increase power output by learning how to utilize your hips to rotate effectively for both hitting, and pitching. 
  • FEEL your mechanics for once in your life and finally stop over-thinking every move you make. 

I’m betting most of the advice you’ve been given to resolve these issues…

  • Changed from coach to coach.
  • Was very technical and difficult to implement because you weren't taught to actually FEEL it.

And of course, most you here…

Have spent more time with drills than a Black and Decker representative. Sadly, those 1,000’s of pitching drills only screwed your mechanics and never solved your actual problem. 

So, where do you go from here? 

The key to your son’s development is two part - One it’s all about having the right information, tailored specifically to his strengths…

The first step requires you taking a step back from the traditional pitching mindset you’ve been brain-washed into believing is actually true and realize it’s much easier than the experts want you to believe.  Unfortunately, we’re so accustomed to seeking out the expert that we fail to trust our own instincts. 

Why would we? 

We’re only a click away from the next expert. 

And you want to know what’s really sad and depressing? 

Most parents and coaches believe they need a PhD to understand pitching mechanics.  After all, it’s the coaches who speak way over our heads to whom we place the highest value upon and label as the experts. 

One of the best comments I’ve ever heard came from one of my camper’s Fathers at the conclusion of one of my 3-day Core Velocity Belt Training Programs when he said…

“Hey Lantz, to truly feel like I’ve got my money’s worth from this camp, can you please confuse the hell out of me at least once before I leave?  Because everything up to this point everything has been way too simple.” 

The second part is easy - Knowing he has your support and realizes you’re willing to do everything in your power to give him every chance to succeed. 

Obviously, part 2 is the reason you’re here. It’s part 1 that’s the issue. 

And after today, part 1 will be history. 

Let me introduce you to my right hand man Jared Wilson.

Jared knows my system as well as anyone. He has worked individually behind the scenes with numerous pro players - some of whom have names you have heard - to help get them right.

Jared will work one on one with you and your son to create a 100% individualized plan, eliminate the guesswork, and starting today…You’ll know exactly where to start and what to do next.

Here’s what you need to do. 

Read this entire message and if you think you’d like to move further, believe whole-heartedly your son would benefit by working in a private setting with Jared to help him increase his velocity, reduce his risk for injury and learn how to coach himself… Register at the bottom of this page.

Once you register, here’s how it works:

  • We’ll start by you and your son sitting down and completing a detailed questionnaire to help Jared to get to know your son. 
  • After completing the questionnaire, it’s time for you to step back and do what you do best, be Mom or Dad.

Following completion of the questionnaire

The first step inside the evaluations will begin by you sending Jared 2 different angles (1B,3B) of your son throwing fastballs at game speed. And by the way, we will not be comparing you to an MLB pitcher or asking you to do the impossible by asking him to pitch like someone else. This program is all about your son and it doesn’t matter what other pitchers are doing, remember that.

After Watching The Video We Will Reveal The Secrets To Why Your Son Is Struggling...

It's crazy to think inside this day and age with all the advanced technology that pitching coaches still do not know how to address the cause vs the symptom. 

If only more coaches knew how it's actually possible to analyze pitching mechanics as if you were wearing X-ray vision goggles.

(5 Examples) Where Pitching Coaches Do The Most Damage Behind The Video Screen: 

  • The real secret to seeing gains starts with the brain. (Hint: Your body controls every single move you make. In fact, the kinetic chain actually begins with the brain.) 
  • 99% of pitching coaches have no idea that the #1 reason pitchers struggle to use their lower-half effectively is caused by either your eyes or feet. 
  • Watching pitchers in slow motion never allows you to see what's happening right in front of their eyes. (Slow motion video analysis causes pitchers to Over-Think and become Pitching Mech-addicts.)
  • The truth is most video analysis are performed from only one angle and that makes it impossible to reverse engineer where momentum and energy is being lost. (When you see an issue on the front - check the back.) 
  • Sadly, pitchers are compared to elite MLB pitchers and are instantly placed in a Lose-Lose situation.

After The Analysis Is Complete, Here's What Happens Next... 

  • First we send you the review.
  • We will schedule a time to review the video. Ask as many questions as possible. Unlike other video reviews and analysis, it’s your (and your son’s) opinion that matters, NOT ours. Unfortunately, most kids, like your son, become a victim of the coach’s opinion and it’s not fair to him.  (This is the primary reason pitchers like your son are constantly being set up to fail and blamed for poor results.)
  • Soon after reviewing the videos with your son, and identifying where to start… We will begin mapping out the road to "what next". This individual program is all about creating an individual plan of action to get you started on the right foot… Eliminate the guesswork and accompanying frustration and struggles.  
  • Step 4, Mastering the very simple movement patterns.

Here's what one dad had to say in our follow-up consultation... 

"Ben is now sitting 77-78 and hit 81 five times on Monday after starting the program throwing 73-76. Really think your analysis and call with Ben has put foundation together for Ben to get most out of his lower half."

Dan Schmisseur

Read this carefully. It never fails for pitchers, and even some parents, to be let down in Step 4. That’s right, let down. 

Allow me to explain. 

I’m a believer in simple. I believe you should take Algebra 1 before Algebra 2. I believe English 101 is a pre-requisite to English 102. And I also believe, 100%, most pitchers, parents and coaches make pitching way too complicated. I believe that most pitchers are conditioned to fail before they ever take the first step in the delivery. 

Here’s why I say this. 

As a society, we are conditioned to believe “More IS better.” And, it’s no different when it comes to pitching instruction. I can’t tell you how many pitchers look at me in disbelief when I provide a very simple, common sense answer to their technical questions. 

Inside pitching mechanics, the secret to spoon feeding the body to make changes can often be traced back to a very simple cause. But, being it’s pitching instruction, our mind is hell bent on making the problem much bigger than it really is. And before you know it, a very small problem becomes a very large issue. 

Case in point. 

  • 99% of most pitchers, and coaches, treat the symptom versus the cause.
  • Prescribe way too many drills that have nothing to do with making you a better pitcher…
  • They spend their time practicing 5-6 mechanical problems before they can ever master one

Unknowingly to the pitcher, he’s got no chance of progressing forward. His mind is fried and his body has no chance to ever make successful changes. 

It’s why I Believe in The Karate Kid

Ever seen the movie the Karate Kid? Most of the Dad’s know exactly what I’m talking about here, right? If not, let me catch you up. The movie is about a young boy who’s getting bullied at school. So, he reaches out the janitor at his apartment building who just happens to be a pretty tough guy. 

The young man reaches out to the janitor and asks him if he would be willing to teach him karate in hopes of protecting himself. And the janitor agrees. 

Right away, the young boy is ready to quit. He’s upset because the Karate master is asking him to perform very simple jobs, but require long hours. Naturally, the boy doesn’t understand and questions why he’s wasting his time with such simple tasks. Let’s face it, the kid signed up to fight not wax cars. 

Why is the ‘all-knowing’ Karate master holding back? Why is he only giving the young boy 1-2 useless drills and not handing over the good stuff, loading him up with 5-6 ninja level drills? 


Because the Karate master understands you must master the basic before moving forward. If you can’t master the simple movements, how are you going to manage more advanced movements? 

And the same goes with pitchers and pitching instruction. As a pitching society, pitchers want more. They want the ‘good stuff’ but sadly, most are struggling with the basic. And if you’re familiar with pitching mechanics at any level, you understand that the slightest change results in MAJOR changes later in the delivery. 

Call it the ‘Butterfly Effect’. I like to say "Everything Affects Everything". It’s total chaos.

You've got to realize the human body works as a system. 

A dynamic system where everything affects everything. And 99% of the time, it's the teeniest-tiniest flaw that snowballs into the biggest disasters. 

But, the beauty is knowing how to trace back to find where the "Butterfly Effect" is actually occurring inside the delivery. Think of it as a domino that gets knocked over early in the process and continues to knock down the remaining dominos. 

And that’s why I will only give you very simple, but concise drills to work on. And you will perform these drills for at least 2 weeks before even thinking about moving forward. If not, you’re wasting your time.  

Make no mistake. These aren’t just any drills. These drills are the key to your success because they are specifically designed, laser focused, to your individual issue. 

These drills attack the cause and allow the symptoms to fix themselves. 

And the best part is- Once you’re able to master these drills you will notice quick results. In fact, after mastering these drills, you will be blown away at how quickly, and effectively, you make noticeable changes. 

It’s time to pat yourself on the back because in less than 2 weeks, you’ve fixed issues that have bothered you for years in many cases. But most importantly- You or your son will begin to look at the entire process of pitching mechanics in an entirely different light. They won’t be as overwhelming anymore… And you will begin to change your entire mind-set and making this whole ‘pitching thing’ much simpler.

But, if you still want 5-6 drills and are the type of guy that will be calling me after 5 days saying… “Jr has mastered the drills, what do you want him doing today?” If that’s the case, this program is definitely not for you. 

However, if you’re still with me and are ready to learn the truth about pitching mechanics and want to make fast and effective changes to your delivery, without becoming a mind-warped, cookie-cut clone…Then you’re going to love this program.

Get Your Mechanics Analyzed & Receive Your Very Own 100% Individual Program* To Make Fast, Effective Changes 

*Individual program is not included in the basic video analysis option

Choose From The Package Below:

Online Instruction

  • Video Analysis
  • $749.00
  • 1 Time Video Analysis
  • Delivery Strengths and Weaknesses
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  • Custom Program
  • $999.00
  • Video Analysis
  • Delivery Strengths and Weaknesses
  • 30 Minute Video Call
  • 4 Week Custom Program
  • Unlimited Email Access
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  • Remote Training
  • $999/month
  • Monthly Video Analysis
  • Delivery Strengths and Weaknesses
  • 30 Minute Video Call Per Month
  • Custom Program
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • 6 Month Minimum Commitment
  • Sign Up

Depending on the option you choose, here's what you get... 

  • A detailed video analysis for you to view over and over.
  • A 30 minute video call with you and your son discussing the areas where your son can improve his delivery*. 
  • A 100% Customized drill prescription made for you, and only you, based on your velocity leaks*.

*Video call & Individual program is not included in the basic video analysis option

Remote Training and the Custom Program receive access to our brand new Core Velocity App where you will get access to:  

  • Daily drills sent to your phone which lay out step-by-step what you're supposed to be doing daily.
  • Unlimited email support to answer any question you or your son, or even coach, might have. 

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Trust what you FEEL!

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