High School Pitcher Jumps 3 MPH In One Session...Just By Tightening His Shoe Strings!

Like so many young pitchers out there, this young man had literally tried everything but found himself back at Square 1 over and over again because no matter what pitching coach he talked too... They each told him something entirely different. 

So you can only imagine how frustrated he was becoming but even worse, how quickly his confidence was dropping. 

In fact, his father told me he almost quit a few weeks before simply because he didn't believe he had what it took to succeed in this game. 

And can you blame the poor kid? 

Imagine being told to: 

  • Use more of your lower-half because you had at least 3-5 more mph waiting, but nobody ever showed you how. 
  • Increase your stride to 100% of your height and then, you would start to see your velocity increase. But instead, it dropped. 
  • Try this weighted ball program for 6 weeks and he did, but only ended up inside an MRI machine due to an over-stressed elbow. 

Like I said, no matter what he tried, it didn't work. 

And you want to know why? 

Because every pitching coach he turned to focused on the symptoms of "low velocity" and never the actual "Real Cause" for low velocity. Luckily, that all changed for this young man after his Dad sent in his video to be analyzed.

After Watching The Video I Revealed The Secrets To Why His Son Was Struggling...

It's crazy to think inside this day and age with all the advanced technology that pitching coaches still do not know how to address the cause vs the symptom. 

If only more coaches knew how it's actually possible to analyze pitching mechanics as if you were wearing X-ray vision goggles.

(5 Examples) Where Pitching Coaches Do The Most Damage Behind The Video Screen: 

  • The real secret to seeing gains starts with the brain. (Hint: Your body controls every single move you make. In fact, the kinetic chain actually begins with the brain.) 
  • 99% of pitching coaches have no idea that the #1 reason pitchers struggle to use their lower-half effectively is caused by either your eyes or feet. 
  • Watching pitchers in slow motion never allows you to see what's happening right in front of their eyes. (Slow motion video analysis causes pitchers to Over-Think and become Pitching Mech-addicts.)
  • The truth is most video analysis are performed from only one angle and that makes it impossible to reverse engineer where momentum and energy is being lost. (When you see an issue on the front - check the back.) 
  • Sadly, pitchers are compared to elite MLB pitchers and are instantly placed in a Lose-Lose situation. 

After The Analysis Was Complete, Here's What Happened Next... 

  • First I sent him the review.
  • Next, I uploaded the 3 drills and program I customized for his son, and only his son. 
  • Third, I followed up with his Dad after a week of following the program.

And here's what he had to say in our follow-up consultation... 

"Lantz, after we tied his shoes tightly and spent the first week working on the 3 drills you gave us, my son's velocity jumped 3 MPH... Now he's more excited than ever about pitching again. I can't thank you enough for how you've impacted my son's career and raised his confidence to an all-time high. Got any advice for a "Big Head"? lol" 

Mike Saunders

How Would Loose Shoe Strings Cause You To Leak Velocity... You Ask?

You've got to realize the human body works as a system. 

A dynamic system where everything affects everything. And 99% of the time, it's the teeniest-tiniest flaw that snowballs into the biggest disasters. 

But, the beauty is knowing how to trace back to find where the "Butterfly Effect" is actually occurring inside the delivery. Think of it as a domino that gets knocked over early in the process and continues to knock down the remaining dominos. 

And for this young man, it was caused by his feet sliding inside of his loose shoes and preventing him from stabilizing the rest of his body which led to the following symptoms:

5 Reasons Loose Shoe Strings Caused Low Velocity, Poor Mechanics & Forced Him Into An MRI Capsule:

  • If your feet are not stable there is no fixed point for rotation. (The kinetic chain breaks and the arm takes on 100% of the stress.)
  • If your lower-body is sliding forward, the arm has no choice to slide forward. (Your arm is at the mercy of your hips)
  • If your hips and shoulders aren't being separated, the energy from your lower-half is never transferred up the chain. 
  • If your feet are moving when they should be planted, there's no way to separate your hips from your shoulders. 
  • If your hips are being pushed by your feet, your shoulder/arm will push the ball... Killing any chance for velocity gains. 

So, once this young man fixed his feet...

His mechanics fixed themselves without him being forced to Over-Think every single move. (His body became his best pitching coach.)

Once he realized it was a simple problem, his confidence soared to new heights. (We both know higher confidence leads to higher velocity and better performance.) 

In other words... 

Something As Simple As Tying Your Shoes Tighter Could Be The Reason You're Not Seeing Velocity Gains!

But the problem is... 

'You don't know what you don't know.'

And that's where we can help you. 

Get Your Mechanics Analyzed & Receive Your Very Own 100% Individual Program* To Make Fast, Effective Changes 

*Individual program is not included in the basic video analysis option

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Depending on the option you choose, here's what you get... 

  • A detailed video analysis for you to view over and over.
  • A video call with you and your son discussing the areas where your son can improve his delivery. 
  • A 100% Customized drill prescription made for you, and only you based on your velocity leaks*. 

Remote Training and the 4 Week Program receive access to our brand new Core Velocity App where you will get access to:  

  • Daily drills sent to your phone which lay out step-by-step what you're supposed to be doing daily.
  • Video consultations following your video analysis.
  • Unlimited email support to answer any question you or your son, or even coach, might have. 

And if you're not 100% satisfied, I'll refund you every single dime.

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