The Greatest Baseball Speech You’ve Probably Never Heard

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  1. lawrence briody says:

    Thankyou for sending this on .
    It is one of the finest talks I have listened to ever.

  2. Jimmymac says:

    Lance. This is a great share. This is what’s missing in sports. He nailed it perfectly in so many ways. Especially when he revealed that poor countries produce 48% of all MLB players. They focus on different things that we should. An MLB scout told me the same. You’re blessed to have worked with Tony R.

  3. Michelle Apodac says:

    This is one of the most inspiring and important talks I have ever heard for this day and age. Our society as a whole is so broken and lost making success insports the focus first instead of the development of a responsible and caring person. To hear a coach so dedicated to develping a young man’s character first foremost and
    acknowledging that God is the focus then baseball second is so powerful and refreshing! As a mother
    and in the teaching profession I see the importance of what Coach Robes taught in this lecture. His coaching philosophy is so spot on and hopefully
    it will be carried on through other coaches who have heard his message and also through all the young men he has coached over the years! Powerful!

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