Teach Your Son To Throw, Just Not This Way!



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  1. Jeff Quillen says:


    Absolutely terrific post! Thanks for taking the time to write such an expansive and detailed post on my behalf. The article makes perfect sense now that I see the videos.

    To L with the drill, 😉

    Thanks again!

    • Lantz says:


      No problem man. I thought you brought up a great point in your email and I know a lot of other coaches ask the same question. I’m not totally saying this drill or focus would not work with anyone. I think the cue was established because it helped someone, but not everyone. Every pitcher is different and we just can’t get caught up in instructing every kid “here’s how you should throw the ball.”

      Thanks again for the comment and kind words.


  2. Mike Nabors says:

    Awesome! This article is going to open some eyes! Loving the site and the way you guys provide video with a new way of “thinking”. Keep up the good work!

    • Lantz says:


      Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words.

      • Zita Carno says:

        Reading this, I experienced a flash of recognition.
        Many moons ago I had the good fortune to meet and work with a guy who was one of the finest pitching coaches anyone could ever hope to work with (in addition to being one of the Yankees’ top pitchers of the era, who specialized in beating the Cleveland Indians to an unrecognizable pulp, again and again). One of his basic premises was that every pitcher has a natural motion, one that is unique to him /her—whatever it was—and in coaching what he would do was work with that pitcher to help him (or, in my case, her) to make the most of it. He knew I was a sidearmer. He knew I wasn’t fast but could throw hard. And he showed me how to take full advantage of it (in addition to expanding my repertoire). In retrospect, I realize that he was way ahead of this particular aspect of pitching. Bravo for this post!

  3. Grant says:

    Absolutely fantastic. We just finished fall ball assessments today and after watching so many throwing errors caused by technique all I could think of was before I started changing kid’s throws I needed something I can send to the parents so they don’t think I’m nuts. Your post is it.

    I wish someone had told me this growing up:

    The arm should continue to gain momentum once the ball is taken out of the glove
    It should never stop, stall or become interrupted.

    Very well done! g

    • Grant-

      Very true! I see it all the time myself. Pitching lessons can be a negative influence at times- just tell them let the dang thing fly, especially at younger ages!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  4. mrgerty says:

    Everywhere I go in youth baseball, I see the one knee drills that don’t teach connection and take the center of mass moving down the hill like an athlete out of the equation completely.

    It looks as if your elbow never gets higher than your shoulder in the video, which makes sense. Is there a point where the elbow gets too low or things to look for as the arm comes through?


  5. Chad says:

    I like the insight. I always worry with encouraging the scapular pinch that we run the risk of the inverted W which is correlated to tommy john issues.

  6. Jeff says:

    Hello, I’ve been teaching little elementary kids to throw like this: 1-stand on your skateboard, 2- lean back, 3- make your arm like an L, 4- look & point at your target and 5- step and snap (wrist). Do you have a better suggestion? Remember, it needs to be simple to understand– yet proper.



    • Jeff-

      Thanks for commenting but think about what you just described… That’s a lot to remember. Anytime you throw that many ‘goals’ at a pitcher he’s going to be very methodical and thought conscious of every move. Take your own advice, keep it simple! My advice is to “Throw it hard!” Who cares where it goes! They will figure it out on there own, trust me. The less you coach, the better.

      Thanks again!

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