The Side Effects Of Video Analysis & Ideal Mechanical Models



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  1. Eric says:

    Ive been anxiously awaiting some comments on this as it appears to fly directly in the face of the what a responsible parent/coach should be doing – using video to perfect pitching mechanics. (It also happens with hitting but not to the same extent as there is no crisis of hitting related injuries to cure.) And if only the players does it, then all will be solved.

    I am glad some contrarian thinking is out there because, like your post implied “the eating disorder of player development”, it is very hard once the herd comes to a consensus on what it the proper way to do “things” be it pitching mechanics, study habits or verbal expression.

    Personally, I have pulled back to keep you eye on the ball, throw hard and swing hard as the foundation of developing baseball skills. Then I help tweak from there.

    Even then, I can repeat it hundreds of times but the player doesn’t get it until he gets “it”. Video can make it worse as the player can see he is doing it wrong and still can’t fix it.

    • Lantz says:

      Hey Eric,

      I’ve received several emails, lol. I just believe that video is only one aspect of development.


  2. Zita Carno says:

    This reminds me very much of an old story about a centipede who was getting around all right until a curious frog asked him how he knew which foot to put down first. The centipede started thinking and analyzing and suddenly he couldn’t move.
    I firmly believe that video is good for checking one thing or another, but to rely completely on it—that could only lead to disaster. I like this better: a full bullpen session, with a good catcher behind the plate and a professional pitcher (preferably major league) watching to see what’s happening. Sometimes all that’s needed is a bit of tweaking of a delivery…perhaps just an alteration of a grip.

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