Pitching Mechanics Checkpoints: Hips & Shoulders

Today we're going to talk about a common myth in pitching mechanics. 

I'm sure you've heard of it... Hip/shoulder separation?  

It's crazy to think how many coaches, parents and instructors get this wrong.  In fact, most of the pitchers I personally work with make a grave mistake.  

Any idea on what that is?  

The truth is... Most, believe:  

  1. Hip and shoulder separation occurs between the back hip and front shoulder.  
  2. All hip/shoulder separation is created equal... but it's not.  

I'll explain more inside this video.  

In fact, I'm about to release an entire new series on The Core Velocity Belt which will include a Beginner's Program.  

Do me a favor after you watch this video... 

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  2. Leave a comment with a question and I'll do my best to answer you today.  

Trust what you FEEL!

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Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Coach, I see what your saying except when you get to the hips. The man in your video moves his hips in the same direction as his knees. You sad the knees should be moving opposite. Or am I seeing something different? Thanks

Lantz Wheeler | Founder

Great point...

Think of it as a clock you're viewing from overhead. As the guy in the video swivels hips to the right, the hips rotate to the left. Hope this makes sense.

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