"It's the #1 off-season coaching clinic in America." 

Butch Thompson - Head Coach -Auburn University 

Who's Presenting At Pitch-a-Palooza 2018?

Here's The Speakers Committed Already:

  • Nate Yeskie - Oregon State Pitching Coach (National Champs) 
  • Eric Cressey - Cressey Performance
  • Kyle Boddy - Driveline Baseball
  • Paul Nyman - SetPro.com
  • Wes Johnson - University of Arkansas
  • Paul Phillips - BrainSense
  • Dr. Stephen Osterer - Baseball Development Group
  • Matt Lisle - University of Missouri Hitting Coach
  • Fred Coral - University of Missouri Pitching Coach
  • Eugene Bleeker - 108 Performance
  • Jerry Weinstein
  • Matt Daniels - Driveline Baseball
  • James Ogden - Lipscomb University
  • Jon Watson - Chandler Gilbert College
  • Jimmy Onate - Ohio State Motor Learning Lab
  • Jeff Libengood
  • Butch Thompson - Auburn University
  • Jason Ferber
  • Nunzio Signore - Rockland Peak Performance
  • Scott Lando - BaseballThinkTank.com
  • Lantz Wheeler - BaseballThinkTank.com

When & Where Does Pitch-a-Palooza Take Place This Year?

*Friday - Sunday The entire 3-days will be hosted by Battle Ground Academy. There will be no designtated hotel for the event. 

What Is The Core Velocity Belt Bonus Night On Thursday All About?

How Do I Sign Up For Palooza Before It Sells Out?

Pitch-a-Palooza has sold out every single year since it's inception back in 2013.

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Why Were 23 MLB Organizations and Over 300 Coaches, & Instructors In Attendance LastYear?

Last week, for instance, the Jays sent a large contingent of staff from the baseball, high performance and scouting departments to Nashville for the annual baseball think tank Pitch-A-Palooza which is not just one of many amateur-baseball coaching clinics. In fact, it might just be the best amateur-baseball coaching clinic, and one that has caught the eye of several major-league organizations over the last few years.  

Toronto probably had the largest MLB contingent there. No less than Atkins, Pete Walker (pitching coach), Dane Johnson (bullpen coach), special assistants Paul Quantrill and Pat Hentgen, Rick Langford (senior pitching advisor), Gil Kim (player development director), Ben Cherington (VP Baseball Operations), Joe Sheehan (assistant GM), Jeremy Trach (minor league strength and conditioning coordinator) and Jeff Ware (pitching coordinator) travelled to Nashville for the gathering.  

Pitch-A-Palooza is a conference at which “a lot of the better pitching experts in the amateur game talk about what’s the latest in pitching,” explained Atkins. “We attended all the presentations and then we would pull out and have discussions about what we liked, what we didn’t like. We’re always talking about the whole player and when you’re talking about a delivery you want to talk about biomechanics and the strength and conditioning aspect.”  

Pitch-A-Palooza, which is held just outside Nashville, Tenn., in Franklin, is the brainchild of Baseball Think Tank’s Lantz Wheeler. 

The Cleveland Indians, under Mark Shapiro and Atkins, were the first major-league team to attend the event. Last weekend’s clinic had approximately 20 big-league clubs in attendance. It’s referred to as “a master class in player development” that is attended by over 300 high school and college baseball coaches and offers a “contrast of ideas, philosophies and teachings where traditional thoughts on instruction and player development are questioned and challenged.”

Who Are This Year's Presenters I Will Be Learning From?

Lantz Wheeler

I'm the founder of Pitch-a-Palooza and the only reason I created Palooza was out of selfish reasons... true. 

After each college baseball I would reach out to what I felt were the top pitching coaches in the country and fly out to visit them. After retiring from the college game, I thought... "Why not bring the top pitching minds to Nashville for 3 days?" 

And that's how Pitch-a-Palooza was born. 

Meet Just A Few of Palooza's 2018 Speakers...(Many More To Come)

Kyle Boddy

Boddy founded Driveline Baseball in 2012.At its training facility in Kent, Washington, Boddy coaches amateur and pro pitchers from a variety of levels on ways to increase their velocity and improve their conditioning. 

Boddy has worked as a consultant and pre-draft analyst for MLB teams including the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Indians, and as a consultant for college programs including Vanderbilt, Oregon State and Coastal Carolina, which won the 2016 College World Series.

Eric Cressey

An accomplished author, Cressey has authored over 500 published articles in all. Eric has published five books and co-created four DVD sets that have been sold in over 60 countries around the world.  

Eric has been an invited guest speaker in six countries and over 20 U.S. states. Eric currently works with over 100 MLB players.

Paul Nyman

Meet "The Godfather" of new-age pitching mechanics. Paul's work has influenced an entire generation of pitchers and pitching coaches. 

His work has served as the foundation of many of the coaches and speakers at Pitch-a-Palooza. Paul was the first to coin the phrase of "intent to throw hard" and his work has been featured in countless publications. 

Dr. Stephen Osterer

Dr. Stephen Osterer is a chiropractor and performance director for Baseball Development Group. He developed a passion for developing healthy pitchers while playing baseball at Cornell University. He currently works as a consultant and performance director in Toronto, Ontario. 

Over the past few years at Palooza, his work and research in the fields of motor learning and skill acquisition has forced many coaches to re-think what they'd been teaching. 

James Ogden

James is one of the top pitching coaches in the country and continues to smash every pitching record held at Lipscomb University where he serves as the pitching coach. 

Without question, James is one of the top pitching minds in the country and what he brings to the table with his progressive work with The Core Velocity Belt has led him to consulting and speaking with kids and coaches across the country and continent. 

Eugene Bleeker

Eugene owns 108 Performance which is one of the top player development labs in the United States. His ability to integrate practical teaching with modern day science is quite impressive. 

His list of former players and current players in which he trains reads like a "Who's Who" list. 

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There's a reason why Pitch-a-Palooza has grown from 48 coaches back in 2013 to over 400 this past year, which included 23 MLB teams, coaches and executives in the crowd. 

Trust what you FEEL!

P.S: Listen to what this year's attendees had to say about Pitch-a-Palooza 17.