Listen To My Guest Appearance On The #PitchingChat Podcast!

On Sunday I appeared as a guest on the #PitchingChat podcast.

I want to give Josh Boggs, aka @Pitchmechanics, for allowing me to be a guest…1st class show!

Here’s just a few of the topics we covered in the hour and a half…(In fact, I shared a lot of my best stuff that has never been revealed on this site!)

  • Why the curve ball doesn’t injure arms, it injures fastball and velocity!
  • The 6 reasons why the body craves FEEL and how it can improve your mechanics, breaking ball and ability to locate pitches on a dime!
  • How to identify what each pitcher needs to adjust and best of all, how to create a plan for development to make fast, effective changes!
  • Why coaching is all about asking questions!
  • Why parents and coaches should think with the end in mind and work backwards, forget about winning and losing at younger ages!
  • Why your mechanics and different pitches are like iPhone apps, in fact, they’re developed the same way Steve Jobs developed Apple products!
  • How to communicate with coaches and what to say, even when you think they’re wrong! (Best part is- the secret to creating a win-win situation!)
  • The secret little trick using a .99 cent glow stick to know exactly which breaking ball you should throw, and more importantly, which ones not to throw!
  • How to set up bullpens to identify and quickly fix your weaknesses so you’re prepared to compete and best part is-how to make in-game adjustments!
  • Why most kids will never know the difference between hurt and sore, and it’s so easy!

Plus…Why weighted balls and velocity programs don’t transfer results to the mound!

All you gotta do is click play…

And after you watch it, leave a comment or question and I’ll be sure to answer!

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Trust what you FEEL! 

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