The Legend Of Muffin & PoundCake: An Intro To Arm Injuries & Tommy John



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  1. Zita Carno says:

    Lantz—it’s a wonder you survived!
    I think back, and I realize that I was one of the most fortunate people on the face of this planet. The day I met Eddie Lopat was not only a turning point, it was a life changer for me. He was one of the finest pitching coaches anyone could ever hope to work with, and the day he showed me how to throw a good slider started it all. He was a firm believer in every pitcher having a natural motion, and that was how he would work with that individual, and because I was an honest-to-gosh sidearmer that was where he started with me. He knew—just how, I have no idea, it may have been a sixth sense—that I was serious, wanted to know and was willing to work at it, and so he took me in hand, worked with me, helped me all he could (which was more than considerable), and turned me into a lights-out sidearmer with a devastating crossfire and a strikeout total of which I lost count! As long as I live I will never forget him. I only wish there were more such pitching coaches around.

  2. Billy P says:

    I’ve seen these guys who are stone determined to change a kid come and go. The real problem happens when one (or more) of these guys throw together slick marketing, put a fancy name on “their” product and flood the internet. These gurus guarantee success, guarantee velocity, guarantee a future.
    That’s a lot of guarantees without ever stating the truth. The truth is that it’s incredibly hard to advance to the upper levels of pitching without seriously hard work. I’ve actually had one of these so called experts tell my son at 13 that he would never reach 90 as a pitcher for two important reasons. First, because he threw 3/4 and second because in his “professional” opinion the kid was pretty much finished growing. At the time he was around 5’9″. Wrong, wrong and wrong.
    I guess I was fortunate enough to be around such ignorance, because statements like those kept my son with one pitching coach for the last 10 years. Therefore he wasn’t subjected to the changes I see so many kids try to go through only to get hurt or lose what they achieved on the mound.
    I am looking forward to our trip to Nashville this summer to work with you and get your insight and direction.
    Billy P.

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