The Inverted W: “The Real Story”



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  1. Turn 22 says:

    Great start to the article. Looking forward to the next 3 segments.

    How does the inverted W translate to lower arm slot guys?

    • Paul Nyman says:

      Thank you for the kind words.

      With respect arm slot the inverted W is what I would like to call “arm slot neutral”. The inverted W is simply a way of describing a throwing quickness that starts with taking the ball out of the glove.

  2. Kevin "Goody" Goodman says:


    Good to see you are back in the game. Without a doubt the inverted W (I refer to it as “Flat L’s”) is probably one of several mechanical points in a throw that are severely misunderstood. It is how the arm is supposed to work to maximize the kinectic chain of the throwing process. You have to pull the upper arm back and for the most it happens somewhat naturally in the rotation of the upper body. Great stuff like all of your STUFF HAS ALWAYS BEEN!


  3. […] Paul Nyman railed against these theories and advocated an inverted arm action (see the Real Story Behind the Inverted W as well as my article, Why is it Called the Inverted W). Paul said: “Video of pitchers who […]

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