How To Throw A Curveball Using Your Natural Arm Slot

Do you want to know the safest and most effective way to throw a curveball?

Sure you do... Right?

Let's start with a few things you need to know, but probably didn't.

Number one.  

When it comes to choosing which is better for you, a curveball, 12/6, or a slider... You don't have a choice.

The Good Lord chooses which breaking ball he wants you to throw.

Think of it like this.

  • The breaking ball is an arranged marriage.
  • Meaning you don't choose which pitch you throw... it  chooses you.

Sadly, I'm not lying.

And maybe, just maybe that's why you're struggling right now. 90% of most amateur pitchers I work with make one of two mistakes.  And that's why check for clues whenever one of my pitcher's are struggling with their breaking pitch.

Clue #1:  The back leg. Yes, the back leg.

And that's one reason why we spend at least one day throwing bullpens and working on breaking pitches while using The Core Velocity Belt.

It helped Kyle Hendricks, so I'm pretty sure it can help you.

Kyle Hendricks Core Velocity Belt

Think about it.

What are pitchers told over and over when throwing a curveball?

  • Get on top of the ball.
  • Reach out front.

And you want to know what mechanical talk like that does to the human body?  Much less the cost for Xanax these days for the parents watching.

It takes the pitcher out of his legs.  

Watch for a stiff back leg the next time you see one of your pitchers struggling with a breaking ball...

And after you the dramatic difference between his "fastball legs" versus his "curveball legs" you can stop by my private hang-out and let me know.

Moving on...

Clue #2:  Most bad breaking balls leave only thumbprints behind.

That's why I can't wait for you to watch today's video and leave a comment at the end of this post. It's crazy to think in this day and age of mechanics, scientific research, and video analysis..

That 99% of the coaches and instructors watching this.

Don't know to even look for it. Why?

  • Because most are too caught up watching mechanics.
  • Treating symptoms. And never take the time to realize it's the smallest, teeniest tiniest issues that cause by far the BIGGEST problems.

That's why we check up and down for your "Butterfly Effect" the very first day inside my 3-Day Core Velocity Programs.  (By the way, Scott Brown and a few other coaches will be amongst the coaches invited to help.  Each year we have one or two top college coaches assist.)

  1. Anyways, if you're struggling to throw consistent strikes with the curveball..
  2. Or - You're struggling to get consistent spin on the ball, sometimes it's there and sometimes its not...
  3. Or, if you're experiencing arm pain inside the elbow or shoulder...

You need to watch every single second of this video because I'm going to show you an easy solution to your curveball woes.

Not only that...

I'm also going to share with you the fastest way humanly possible to determine your natural arm slot.. Without even needing to pick up a baseball.  

Cool stuff.

But that's what you can expect with the NEW BaseballThinkTank.

I'm going back to my roots and staying the hell away from the tech side of things.

So, here's what you can expect from the video:

  • How to grip the curveball correctly.
  • How to determine a pitchers natural arm slot...And-
  • How to use a .49 cent Halloween toy to accomplish both tasks.

Best part it -  It's something you can apply today and see instant results.

Only thing I ask is you share this with all your friends, fellow parents, coaches and pitchers.


Appreciate it my man. Now, let's get to what you came here for.

How To Throw A Lights Out Curveball

Don't Forget...

Share this video post with others you know will benefit. Deal? Awesome.

Trust what you FEEL! 




Brian summar (not verified)

Awesome tool for kids

Lantz Wheeler (not verified)


Thanks buddy!


Ed Baldensperger (not verified)

I'm happy to see these videos. Please keep them coming. I work with the pitchers from my local high school. I try to pass along everything I read and watch from you. I live in the same PA town as Andy Teconchuk. We have spoken in the past about what you do. I hope to some day to attend your pitching coach classes. Thank you

Lantz Wheeler (not verified)


Thanks alot buddy. Appreciate it!


Billy Reynolds (not verified)

Man Lantz!! Awesome stuff partner. Love the new site and layout.

Keep it coming. Your stuff is BY FAR the best on the internet.

Lantz Wheeler (not verified)

Hey Billy,

Sincerely appreciate the kind words buddy.


Kenneth Shepherd (not verified)

Good Stuff here, So should a pitcher not try to throw both a curve and slider ? It looks like it would be very difficult or at least at a higher level they could pick up arm angle

Lantz Wheeler (not verified)

Hey Ken,

I wouldn't. Most pitchers who do both, have two average pitches.


Frank Bishop (not verified)

I enjoyed the video

Gil Ruiz (not verified)

thanks lance, hope to see you at signal hill in july. I'm going to pop in if thats okay

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