How A Snapped Elbow And TJ Couldn’t Keep This Kid From Throwing 102 MPH



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  1. Garrett says:

    Hi Lantz,
    I wanted to ask you 2 questions and would like your take on it. This is a great article and it got me thinking. #1, what do you guys do for arm warmup? Bands, shoulder tube, weighted ball. And #2, after a long days work, what do your guys do for arm recovery to be able to go the next day? Thanks.

  2. Undisclosed says:

    My coach is teaching us to stay closed with the hips into landing and then turn the hips and the torso together after the front foot plant. However, based on the information on this site, wouldn’t that be the wrong thing to do? If so, what should I tell the coach if he corrects me on this? Also, I was wondering if you should land on the heel or ball of the front foot because he is teaching everyone to land on the ball of their foot and says that landing on the heel will increase stress in the shoulder. Thank You

    • Hey,

      Yeah, you wouldn’t want to wait until landing for the hips to open, as far as what to tell him, that’s a fine line and something you’d have to figure out. Wish I could be more help.

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