How The #1 Pick Casey Mize Uses The Core Velocity Belt

Lantz Wheeler


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  1. Dave Empey says:

    Why put this up if it’s unavailable? I’m doing scorched earth trying to find CVB instructions. No manual in the package I’ve been sent. No instructions. Nada. It’s like trying to find the lost city of Atlantis. I don’t want to injure some kid doing it wrong.

    • lantzwheeler says:

      Hello Dave.

      Wow, hate to hear that buddy. Especially since I personally inspect to make sure there’s an insert inside every box giving you directions on how where to sign up to get access. After checking, I see that you’ve got access to the program but you haven’t taken any of the tests to receive the CVB instructions. Also, see you’ve been setup with a password and username.

      My question is… How did you get access to the program with no instruction sheet inside the package?

      In closing…

      Go to site and login.
      If you forgot password, request it.
      Follow the program and take all the tests before starting any sort of program or drills.


      P.S: What are you referring to me offering that’s unavailable?

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