How To Know If Original Core Velocity BELT Is Right For You?

 You're not going to believe what I heard an internet marketer write about today.  

He said he's been getting hammered with "belts" these days.  Let it be known he must be hammered if he was hinting to me ever reaching out to him.  Anyways, he goes onto say...

"I prefer this one because it comes with a vest and how I see it... (DRUMROLL)....  having one that comes with a vest is better than just a belt by itself."  

Talking about not getting it...

But this isn't the first time I've thought "America's Pitching Coach" (Yes, he refers to himself with that title, lol) didn't get it. 

Anyways..  It's been crazy since I announced the upcoming release of the 3.0 Core Velocity Belt Training System that's coming out soon.

Finally, after taking at least 30 calls on the darn thing, I called it quits.

Headed to Wal-Mart with my little girl.

As we are walking around and we make it to the toy aisle. It happens!

The day has come that my little girl finally wants a baseball glove.


We start digging through the glove rack. To the left of me is a short guy with feathered back hair. I can't help but notice the sweater vest's he's wearing, what the he**?

As he shifts through the softballs, often adjusting his visor, he reminds of one of The Fabulous Ones, Stan Lane or Steve Kern. Remember those dudes? Anyways. It wasn't one of the Fabulous Ones. He's actually the commissioner of the local baseball league and head coach of a local softball club.

I say hello, introduce myself and let him know that both my kids played in the league last year.

Right away, I can't help but notice he's one of those "know it alls".

The kind that drive you crazy, especially if you're a baseball guy.

Because... It's painfully obvious within the first ten seconds that he's never coached a single inning of baseball in his Life. And he just happened to appoint himself as the league commissioner. And inside the second 10 seconds, he's already giving pointers.

About that time my 8 year-old daughter Regg saves me by asking the question I've been waiting to hear for years....

"Dad which glove should I get?"

Before I can even open my mouth, sweater vest blurts out...

"I always tell my kids parents to look for the glove with the ball attached. Makes more sense than purchasing a single glove."

Did he just really say that?

"Better than a single glove because it comes with a baseball?"


To all you guys recommending the glove with the ball attached, please, please stay away from The Core Velocity Belt. It's for REAL baseball guys, only.    

Sweater Vest - Shoulder Vest

We decide to go against the advice solicited at Wal-Mart and choose the glove best suited to get the job done.

Personally, I'm not an accessory guy, nor do I wear vests. So, you can imagine how funny it was when I get home and open up my email to find an instructor, who also wears sweater vests, claiming how he's got a belt now too.

And his choice is obvious...

"He prefers The Belt that comes with a vest."

Why wouldn't he? lol

"Glove that comes with a ball... Belt that comes with a vest?"

Holy s**** I've got to be in The Twilight Zone.

Anyways, the internet marketer pretending to be a pitching guy, did have some good points when it came down to it.

  • His email was detailing the dangers of The Belt.
  • He admitted knowing the principles put in place by the inventor. (me)

But, based on his comments, I highly doubt he understood one single principle. 

After all, the belt he showed in his picture demonstrating...

Was placed around the belly of the pitcher as if it were a fat slimmer.

Not sure how effective it is a belly burner, but as far as the hips go... The way he had it set up made it impossible for any player to rotate.

Only spin. But, maybe he's teaching pitchers to spin?

We'll review that later.

For now, let's start with a simple question...  

Is The Core Velocity Belt Right For You?

Do you tend to OVER-think pronating your arm, worried sick that your arm will "Snap-Crackle-Pop" if it happens to cross an imaginary point in your body, made up entirely by the instructor? Here's why this sort of 'un-common' training would look like. It would require you to...

  • Spend time de-training hip rotation by starting on one knee and pushing forward from the ball of the back foot...
  • Making it anatomically impossible to rotate your hips safely and efficiently.
  • The high level of shoulder stress which occurs from the drill cutting off your lower-body's involvement in the throw.

  Here's why The Core Velocity Belt won't work for this...

  1.  When rocking back and forth, you load the quads and push in a straight line.  That's not rotation.  In fact, rotation from this starting point makes it anatomically impossible for you to rotate.
  2. Your body moves according to your intent.  If your intent is to stop your arm and not allow it to rotate, guess what?

Your body is also hard-wired to protect itself and it will go to great lengths to do so.  

So... When you're focusing on stopping your arm to prevent it from crossing the fairy-tale mid-line... Your body will do just that.  It won't rotate.

Instead you spend most of your time training your body to NOT rotate.  

It's problems like this that lead to...

  • Pitchers getting stuck at their current velocity, unable to gain new velocity for years.  (See it a lot.)
  • Pitchers not even close to the strike zone.
  • Pitching Mech-addicts.  It's a syndrome I coined to describe how pitchers are trained to OVER-think pitching mechanics.

Watch that video clip again and please tell me one player in the history of MLB who's patterns look anywhere close to that?


Sadly, If You Answered YES to any of the above... The Core Velocity Belt won't help you.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please do not purchase The Original Core Velocity Belt.

#1: Training with connection balls off one knee

#2: Purposely trying to stop your arm before it crosses the mid-line of your body.

#3: Short on time because you're forced to complete time-wasting exercises we both know isn't designed to make you a better pitcher?

#4: Does your head bob like an apple and throwing arm flip around like a seal?

If you answered yes, I'd recommend going with the guy in the vest.

For those you still not addicted to pitching mechanics,

Come with me

Let me show the fastest way humanly possible to use your lower-half without all the OVER-Thinking that comes with other programs.

Get The One & Only Core Velocity Belt and complete Training System today.

Trust what you FEEL!



Bob Haley

Where can the CVB bands be purchased? Thank you

Lantz Wheeler | Founder

Hey Bob,

Reach out to Jwatson at

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