Hacking The Velocity Code



Want to know why your pitchers can't get consistent results and find themselves constantly starting back at square #1?

  •   Why it's almost impossible to get practice drills to transfer to the mound.
  •   Why most pitchers revert back to old habits and can never repeat the great performance you witnessed in the bullpen.


The reason why?

Your brain/body will always revert back to old habits when facing competition and it's for a couple of reasons.


But-there's a way to avoid this.

And it begins and ends with the pitcher being able to FEEL the difference between right and wrong.


How could expect to know what FEELs wrong, when you've never experienced what FEELs right?

I like to refer to FEEL as your native GPS system.

Whenever your body can literally FEEL what you're asking it to do, your chances for transferring practice results to the mound greatly increases.

Same goes for the K zone.

The reason pitchers struggle to throw strikes is because they can't FEEL the difference between a ball and a strike.


But -

  • If you're just hoping your pitching coach can teach you...
  • Or just hoping it's possible for your son to imitate what your he sees on a video screen....

It will never happen.

Whatcha gotta realize is...

Any sort of confusion, or misunderstanding, will always as appear in the form of 'poor mechanics'...

I'm pretty sure you've already witnessed this?


Anyways -

Listen to what this 10u travel coach shared with me recently...




"I wanted to update you about our team and the use of the belt. We have been using it for about a month.

I coach the pitchers and catchers for a select youth team. I started with two kids and added a player each week.

I have taken it extremely slow with our boys to ensure they understood the FEEL. Our head coach was running defensive drills, and when I was done with our pitchers those boys rotated into the defensive drills in the gym.

He is a seasoned baseball coach, he coaches select and high school baseball. Good defensive and hitting coach, but he has a limited knowledge of pitching. As the boys were taking a water break, he came over to my area to see exactly what I was doing.

I explained to him the concept of the belt, and how it is helping our boys.

He watched for a few minutes. As he left my area, he told me to keep doing what I was doing because the velocity of the ball leaving their hand to his glove picked up tremendously, he said his glove was popping.

Several parents have stopped by to talk about the belt after practice. They said their sons talk about how they throw harder because of the belt. I do see a difference in our boys because of the belt."







Are you ready to FEEL it for yourself?

Even better -

Are you ready to try the Core Velocity Belt at 100% no risk to your pocketbook?

I'm challenging you to take try the Core Velocity Belt and if you can prove me wrong...I'll refund every dime you spent on The Core Velocity Belt System.

All you've got to do is this...

Click the link below, I personally guarantee that The Core Velocity Belt will:

  • Transfer practice results to the mound and eliminate throwing with all arm.
  • You will see a noticeable difference, instantly, with on-the-spot velocity and easy effort.



Lantz Wheeler 

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