Ground Force-Less Pitching Mechanics

Here's the easiest way to know for 100% sure that you're using your lower-half correctly... 

Yesterday I saw a pitching coach demonstrating the lower body and I couldn't believe how badly he butchered the concept of ground forces... It was bad.

It seems like nobody truly understands what it takes to effectively use your lower-half. 

So, I thought I would help. 

Whenever you're talking ground force there's a couple of things you need to know.  

  • Ground force requires direct force INTO the ground and not pushing sideways from the back foot...
  • If you're pushing sideways from your back foot, you're actually INCREASING the stress on your arm, not relieving the arm of stress...

So, here's what you need to look for:  

  1. Whenever watching videos of your lower-body...or-
  2. Watching a pitching coach instruct the lower-body... or- 
  3. Seeing a product being demonstrated on how to teach the lower-body...

The only thing you need to watch for is the front foot.  

If any part of the front foot leaves the ground after landing....

Your arm is in serious trouble!

So, do yourself a favor and watch the front foot and so someone else a favor by sharing this email or post because there's a lot of bad information out there.

Trust what you FEEL!

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If you're serious about learning how to FEEL what your lower-half needs to do to create some serious arm speed while reducing the stress from your arm, there's nothing out there to compare it too.

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