(Free e-Book) Reveals Why Most Pitchers Can't, Don't & Won't Throw Harder Any Time Soon...

Inside this 10-page e-book I'm going to share with you some secrets about arm speed that will go against everything you've seen, heard, read or said when it comes to the velocity game.

Here's just a few inner-secrets that I will reveal to you:

  • Why 99% of the mechanical issues can be traced back to your eyes or feet. (This alone will prevent you from ever having to OVER-think pitching mechanics again.)
  • What I learned from the NFL's Chief Medical Director and current Brain Surgeon that forever changed where I start when it comes to developing velocity.
  • Why most pitchers struggle with the lower-half and it has nothing to do with your legs.
  • How and Why most pitchers, and even hitters, unplug your body's built in velocity links.

Plus, I'll reveal:

  • Why energy doesn't start from the ground up. (This is a 100% complete myth.)
  • The truth behind 44% of shoulder and elbow injuries and why it has nothing to do with your shoulder or elbow.
  • What you can do right now to see immediate velocity gains transfer to the mound without the need for building arm strength or changing your mechanics.

It's all inside and the best part is... It's 100% FREE!

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Jose A Guzman (not verified)

Comment after reading

Shan strigo (not verified)

Son needs some help

Lantz Wheeler | Founder


Lantz Wheeler | Founder

Shan, could you elaborate?

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