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  1. turn 22 says:

    Lantz, that’s amazing can’t wait to read Pauls articles as well as yours.

  2. Wynn Fletcher says:

    Man it was so great working with you and cliff. Everyone has come so far. I want you to know that I read each and every article you write, and I lean on them heavily. Keep up the good work. We are going to be there for your December clinic. Please send more info. Say hey to Mandy and Riley for me.

  3. Zita Carno says:

    I’m looking forward to this series of articles. It certainly will be some compensation for my not being able to make it to Nashville.
    You said something about each pitcher having a natural motion and that the idea of one-size-fits-all as far as instruction goes is just plain asinine. I’d call it just plain STUPID. This was exactly what Ed Lopat, my wise and wonderful pitching coach of way back when, postulated—that every pitcher has this unique motion, this unique way of delivering a pitch, and what he did was work with said pitcher to maximize his/her effectiveness.
    He believed that whatever the delivery, that was what he would work with—in my case it was that sidearm motion. One thing he did was show me how to use the short-arm version, in addition to the long-arm I used, saying that it would give me twice as many pitches. And he was right.

  4. blake herring says:

    Thank you for sharing how you got your start in coaching. Did not know that Wynn Fletcher hired you at Lipscomb. He is a great person and coach. He always returns emails and phone calls to coaches looking to recruit his players at Central Alabama.

    Looking forward to the upcoming articles and the Pitch a Palooza in Nashville.

  5. Tod Shuttleworth says:

    Lantz – Love the way you learn. Jack is fortunate to learn from the experience you bring to middle Tennessee.

  6. Troy P says:


    Thanks for sharing! I wish more would pass on credit rather than the self-proclaiming, “All about me” mentality. We all take something from one another and use it, shape it to fit our needs but at the end of the day, the original thought was more than likely taken from someone else.

    Or, you have guys like Dick Mills, who’s sole purpose is to go against the grain simply to try and be different. It’s all about the marketing aspect, it’s smoke and mirrors.

    You are a very passionate teacher, it can be seen in your work and you have a background that most instructors can only envy. Keep up the good work and I will continue to check your site daily!

    Troy P

  7. Cliff Terracuso says:

    Great stuff man! It’s the friendships along the way, the daily grind to get better and compete.. To have passion in what we do, and leave it all on the table man!
    I remember the day you got hired at the Lippy! Fletch asked me if I thought you were the guy for the job, without hesitation I said yes! Sweet Lou wouldn’t of endorsed you if he didn’t believe in you!
    Giving thanks, reaching out to the guys like Mickey Hiter, Wynn Fletcher, Luther Bramblett believing in me, I would of never received the opportunities I got in this game early on..
    Let it be a lesson to all, remember where you came from, and don’t be shy to pick up the phone and thank them!
    What people don’t realize, we don’t get rich in doing this job, we do it for the sole purpose of the Love for The Game..
    CT out! Love ya Lantz.. Keep on chasing dreams..

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