Matt Deggs Wolfpack Training Presentation

  • If you really believe you have to be ‘hitting guru”...
  • Own a PhD in ‘swing mechanics’ to develop high-level, team-first players, that’s all about to change.d

What I’m about to show you is living-breathing proof you need to know absolutely nothing about hitting mechanics to score runs, win games and break records.  

In fact, you’re going to leave with a plan that shows you how to take plain ole ordinary athletes, even below-average athletes, and transform them into a team of over-achievers, playing every pitch like it’s the last. If you’re serious about coaching, really serious, and you want a proven plan that you can apply right now to see instant results….

There’s a reason the top coaches in the game of college baseball can’t stop talking about the “Wolfpack MentalitySystem Matt Deggs brought to college baseball and they really can’t talking about the most powerful presentation at Pitch-a-Palooza 2014.

Hey guys I’m Lantz Wheeler.

I’ll be the first to tell you I know nothing about hitting, in fact, I consider myself an expert at showing you how ‘not to hit.’ When I say I know nothing about hitting, I mean it, NOTHING. In fact, I hate hitters and hitting mechanics confuse the crap out of me.  (However, in less than 6 months I would view hitting entirely differently, thanks to Matt Deggs, the former hitting coach at University of Louisiana-Lafayette, and now the head coach at Sam Houston State.) 

But, you know something I do know very well and I hate these guys more than any hitter I’ve ever met…It’s selfish players unwilling to buy-in and the parents that feel it’s their job to question every decision you make, as if they know more than the coach.

Sadly, you’re going to find these guys on every team and let’s call it like it is, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree does it?

Selfish players and know-it-all parents like this are the death of many coaches and teams.  Period.

It sucks because baseball takes 9 players, all buying in and accepting their roles, and when they do…Those are the special teams, the ones you remember forever.  The ones that don’t?  Well, you can’t wait for the season to end and that’s when coaching takes it’s toll on you.

As a coach, what do you do?

  • In most cases, you can’t kick them off the team or the administration or boosters would be calling for you job, right?
  • I can’t tell you how many quality coaches I’ve seen fall victim to their administration because a “me-first” kid, or over-bearing parent, refused to buy-into the coach’s system and his way of doing things.

Up until this point, I didn’t know how to answer that question…”How do you get every kid to buy in?”

And for years, I just thought it was luck…That was until I heard Matt Deggs speak.  He changed the way I view coaching and best of all-showed me how to use simple psychology, used by special elite training forces, to get every single player on the team to buy-in, even the parents.  He also gave me another million dollar tip…And that’s how to turn soft-kids into bulldogs, ready to fight at the drop of the hat.

And we all know how important it is to have competitive, dirt-bags on the field, don’t we!  I realize most of you reading this probably believe that you’re born with a competitive spirit, or your not.  That you can’t turn a soft-kid into a bullpen trashing lunatic over-night.  But, that’s not true.

The truth is…95% of most coaches use this as an excuse because they’re not winning games!

I’ll admit it, I did.

And that’s why I can’t wait to share with you what I learned from Matt Deggs that eventful day in December, at Pitch-a-Palooza.  He changed my entire outlook on hitting and gave me a fresh, new perspective on coaching that I’d never experienced.  Inside his hour long presentation…He revealed his entire offensive philosophy and step-by-step system he used to build the #1 offense in the country and most importantly…Gave every coach in the audience the tools to deal with soft, non-competitive kids with a “me-first” selfish mentality.

That’s when I discovered having the best teams doesn’t require you to have the best athletes.

Allow me to share with you how it all went down, and why I became a better coach that night.

Like I said earlier,  I hate hitters and rarely ever speak with hitting coaches outside our advisory board here at BaseballThinkTank…But, I thought it would be a good idea to feature a few of the top hitting minds in the game, just to spice it up a bit. However, the problem I ran into was…”Where do I start?”

That’s easy. I reached into my pocket, pulled out m phone and began texting just about every single college coaching contact stored in my phone and that list of contacts includes over 1294 college and pro coaches.  And there was one name that kept popping up, Matt Deggs. Coach Deggs was the hitting coach at the #1 program in the country at the time, The University of Louisiana Lafayette.

As I began conducting my research, trying to find out why everyone was begging to hear what this guy had to say and why a lot of coaches out there were accusing him of cheating.  (I had a few coaches that actually told me “There’s no way you can put up numbers like that unless you’re bending the rules.”)  At this point, I couldn’t wait to get him on the phone and see what he had to say, but first…I took one glance at the numbers the coaches were talking about, and here’s what I found.

Take a look at these stats and tell me what you would think:  

  • He took a team with a previous record of 23-30 and three years later, that same team that consisted of many of the same players…Broke the record for the most wins in a two year period, amassing 101 wins to only 30 losses!
  • The 2014 team broke the school record with 58 wins and was only 2 wins shy of the all-time record for wins in a season.
  • His team was the first mid-major team to finish as the #1 ranked team in all 5 polls.
  • His offense led the nation in bunts, base hit and even crazier…Was 2nd in the country in HR’s.  (How is it possible a team could lead the country in bunt base-hits and finish 2nd in the country in home-runs?  You’ll have to see that for yourself…he tells you inside his presentation.)

Over all, his offense led the Sun Belt in 20 offensive categories, were amongst the tops in the NCAA in 15 different categories.

It gets even better….Offensively he developed 3 All-Americans, had 1 Team USA player and 8 different hitters were drafted!  (And he did this without ever once, video taping his hitters or even mentioning the word “swing mechanics”)

How did he do it?  He created a system that placed a higher value on gritty vs. pretty and paved the way for every single player to “buy-into” his individual role on the team….

And unveiled how the “Wolf-Pack Mentality” System turns passive kids into a pack of meat-hungry wolves ready to fight for his brother beside him.

And the best news is, you can do the same thing once you apply the simple, easy to understand system he lays out for you inside his hour long presentation that will forever change the way you view your team…Even more important-He shows you exactly what you need to do as a coach to get your players to ‘buy-in’.  As you can tell, I’m pretty pumped by all of this…And it started the moment I got on the phone, asking him to speak at Palooza.

Here’s just a few of the secrets he revealed over the phone…

  •  Why he never discusses hitting mechanics and never will…Because everything he teaches, and credits for putting up “play-station” like stats can be attributed to his “Wolf-pack” mentality system that places a higher-value on TEAM and turning passive kids into meat-hungry wolves ready to sacrifice his life for the guy on deck.
  • Why he recruits non-athletes, with bad swings and how he uses his system to quickly turn them into high-level, run producing gorillas that has every coach asking where he found “this” guy.
  • Why he never, not once, video-taped hitters or even mentioned the word mechanics…Yet, MLB drafted 8 of his first 9 hitters in the line-up.
  • So, as he began revealing his system to me, the first question that popped up was…”If you tell other coaches this, aren’t you afraid your information will be stolen, sold and used against you?” (That’s when he revealed something that made perfect sense and I’ll reveal that later.)
  • Obviously, I couldn’t wait to watch his presentation and let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed…In fact, I found myself glued to my seat, hanging on to every word while trying to control the chill bumps running up and down my spine and I couldn’t write fast enough.

Holy s)#@%! This is great stuff, I thought to myself.

But, talking on the phone and in front of a group of 100+ coaches is a different story.  So, I still wasn’t completely sold on a hitting guy talking at my pitching event. And then everything changed, from the moment he stepped up to the mic until the time he put it down, I learned more about hitting and the finer points of coaching in one hour, than I’d ever learned in my life! Seriously.

During his presentation, he shocked the crowd when he revealed

  • Why he never once used video analysis with his hitters the entire year…Plus, the #1 mistake most hitting coaches make that prevents them from seeing the forest for the trees and it’s why they open themselves to ridicule and failure.
  • The secrets behind his 4 week Navy Seal mental toughness training program he to instantly transform soft passive kids into a competitive bunch of dirt-bags ready to die for the guy beside them.
  • How to make everything you do a competition for your guys…..Plus, the mistake to many coaches make when trying to do this on their own.
  • How to instantly slow the game down mentally, in under 20 seconds, just by using a very simple breathing technique he calls “Violence of Action.”

Finally, he laid out every single step of his system, holding nothing back to every coach in attendance and let’s just say….His presentation held every coach captive in their seats…Locked in their chair, hanging on every spoken word and hesitant to make the slightest sound.

The energy and intensity in the room made it feel like you were about to take the field for the biggest game of your life!

The intensity and energy in the room was unlike anything I’d ever seen…And I’ve been doing this almost 20 years.  But it wasn’t just his energy and the intensity holding the coaches hostage…Coach Deggs was spilling his guts out, laying out the EXACT “Wolfpack Mentality” System that had re-shaped the landscape of college baseball’s “Dead Bat” period.

Coaches went into the room wanting to learn more about hitting and left with a System in place they could use immediately.

  • A true understanding of what it really takes to develop hitters…And why it’s never about the swing, never.
  • How to generate offensive production and score runs while most teams feel like their dead in the water.
  • How to build mental toughness and the fastest way to get every player on the team to buy in, even the selfish ‘all about me’ players that kill teams and get coaches fired.

And finally, every coach learned the real reason players buy in, and why it’s embarrassing to say…”The best teams win because they have the best players.”  (He proved that’s an excuse, pure BS)

To say, his offensive philosophy goes against everything I’ve ever heard…Doesn’t do it justice.

But there was one major drawback.

Coaches left the room with their hands aching pain because for 75 straight minutes they never once put down the pen in their hands as they tried to write down every single word coming out of his mouth. If you’ve ever experienced that moment where you knew right then and there you were in the presence of something special, a moment in time where you’d remember where you were for the rest of your life.

This is it.

The information he shared changed my entire outlook on hitting, offense, building a team, loyalty and mental toughness….

And the best part was-

It not only applied to hitting but pitching, coaching, business and Life.  

Coach Deggs performance is the reason college coaches are blowing my phone up and blasting me with emails asking where they can get a copy.

But until now, I kept it to myself.

And most importantly…the simple system he revealed can be easily applied right now, and put into play by coaches at any level because it required you know nothing about the swing or hitting mechanics.  The only thing you need to apply this system immediately, is a love for your kids, a yearning to learn more, and the willingness to be the best coach you can be.  

One that changes lives and is viewed as an expert, even though, you don’t consider yourself one.  

That’s it.

But it’s not for everyone.

  • If you consider yourself a hitting mechanics expert and honestly believe hitting is all about developing the picture perfect swing….Not for you.
  • Think the only chance you have for winning championships and scoring runs requires you to have the best athletes on the field… Not for you.
  • Honestly believe that you’re either born with mental toughness or you’re not…

The “Wolfpack Mentality” is DEFINTELY NOT FOR YOU.

But, if you’re a coach that’s …

  • Got a love for coaching, and always looking for ways to get your team to buy-in, even the parents…This is a dream come true for you.
  • Want a system you can apply right away, that doesn’t require you to have a PhD, and fancy video equipment, to develop high-level hitters in a very short time…You’re going to love this.

And most importantly-If you whole-heartedly believe in the concept of team and realize there’s so much more to hitting and winning championships than hitting mechanics.

Then you’re going to love what I have waiting for you on the other side and I’m so confident in everything that I’m saying, that I’m willing to make this offer…

If, after watching this presentation, you don’t 100% believe you’re a better coach, a better leader….I’ll refund you every single dime you spent and give you a $50 credit on your next purchase at BaseballThinkTank.  (And this is coming from a guy that doesn’t believe in guarantees!)  

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here’s what you can instantly expect to receive once you decide you’re ready to take your coaching ‘know-how’ to the next level: 

You will receive the entire video, right now. (Instantly download and start watching today.)

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