College Baseball Recruiting: How To Contact A College Baseball Coach



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  1. Bamalope says:

    Lantz, sounds too easy. Should you do this your Junior or Senior year?

    • Lantz says:

      I would start by your junior year if not earlier. The initial contact is that easy, most make it too complicated.

  2. Bamalope says:

    Lantz, what is a good way to determine the level (D1, D2, NAIA, etc…) your son can play at?

    • Lantz says:

      What position does he play? How does he rank against other kids in the state, summer circuit, etc.. Athletic ability, speed, arm strength, all are objective measurements that would give you a better indication of where he would get most looks.

  3. Turn 22 says:

    Should I begin this summer. Son is in his sophomore season now. Should you include velo numbers in the short email? or wait?

    • Lantz says:


      To be honest, it doesn’t matter. Most coaches are pessimistic by nature, they have to be, they will be vefified. That’s one reason why I think certain showcases can be of value. If you can find a respectable 3rd party, that would be best. There’s more information about that in the Recruiting 101 ebook. I sent it in the last email.

      I would start this summer, it couldn’t hurt. The summer season has become more important than the HS season, so I would strongly suggest getting in highly scouted summer events. Hope this helps.


  4. Dylan Hodges says:

    What should you include in your short video?

    • Lantz says:

      Hey Dylan,

      Good question. Pitchers and hitters need a few throws or swing from the open side, I would prefer 3 angles with pitchers (open, closed, home plate view) Defenders need to be seen straight on fielding and throwing. Catchers are usually viewed from the side, but 2B would be great to include as well. If you’re dual player, I would include both positions along with hitting. Best vids are game film because of the intent and gives the coach more information based on competition and intent to go full speed. Hope this helps, let me know if you need more.


  5. Tanner says:

    I am going into my senior year and I went to a camp and impressed the coach. We talked after and he said he was interested and that I should stay in contact. How should I stay in contact. What do I say.

    • Lantz says:


      I would send him your summer schedule and follow up time to time via email. You will begin to gauge interest level based on his response. If you’re a pitcher, send him the days you’re scheduled to start. Again, starting July 1, you will know their interest level because D1 schools will be allowed to call you at that point. Hope this helps.


  6. Evan says:

    I am going in to my senior year and am in a predicament because I have not had a good chance yet on Varsity to showcase my skills but have gotten much better with practice this summer so far. I am looking to play baseball in college and I know by the time next baseball season rolls around it will be too late to submit applications to colleges therefore I am wondering how to contact them now to let them know that I am serious about playing and would like a chance to show them my skills! How would I go about doing this and what would I say?

    • Lantz says:


      Thanks for commenting. I would follow the instructions exactly the way I laid them out for you. They don’t have to know you haven’t had a chance and you will show that you’re serious by sending them an email and video. Hope this helps, don’t over think the process.


  7. Dustin says:

    I emailed a brief cover page letter and attached the schools baseball website recruiting form as well as the evaluation page I received from attending their summer camp. Do coaches most always respond back even if they arent interested and should I send a follow-up email?
    Thank you,

    • Lantz says:


      Yes, most will reply back. It’s usually easy to determine their interest level. They will email you and suggest that you call them bc they can’t contact you until July 1 heading into your Sr year. I would suggest contacting them directly via phone if that’s where you really want to go. You will learn right away their level of interest. Remember, they can’t call you if they happen to miss your call, be persistent.

      Hope this helps.


  8. Joseph says:

    How do I find the coaches e-mail?

  9. JD says:

    What if we did not play any high school ball but KNOW we are capable of keeping up with college players having played my whole life and still go to batting cages and go to the park to practice live pitching and fielding etc. ? What would I do? How would I explain the situation without them not taking me serious?

  10. Shane says:

    I run an indoor baseball facility in Billings, MT. Do you or would you be interested in hosting a baseball camp with us? We have just started looking around for people who would be interested. It would be a great experience for some of our boys and others in our area to showcase some of their skill and learn as well. If so would you email me back and let me know costs and availability?

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