Warning: If you’re looking for technical, complicated ways to confuse the Hell out of your pitchers… This ain’t the post for you. Great, you’re still here so that tells me a few things: You’re a coach looking for an easy way to finally teach your pitchers how to use their lower-half, in hopes of improving […]

The Pitching Coaches Guide To Teaching How The Lower-Half Really Works

If you’re looking to increase your velocity, it’s important that you understand a very simple concept… It’s your ability to move efficiently through the center of your body that separates your 85 MPH pitchers from your 95 MPH pitchers! (Same concept applies to hitters) Take a break for a second and try this…  Close your […]

3 Pitching Velocity Checkpoints That Require Your Immediate Attention!

Want to know why your pitchers can’t get consistent results and find themselves constantly starting back at square #1?   Why it’s almost impossible to get practice drills to transfer to the mound.   Why most pitchers revert back to old habits and can never repeat the great performance you witnessed in the bullpen. The […]

Hacking the Velocity Code

Its amazing how often I hear this. “He’s really been working hard on increasing his stride length but I think he’s actually lost velocity.”  “What should we do next?” Quit trying to increase the stride length is where I would start. Here’s why. The distance of your stride has nothing to do with your velocity. […]

Stride Length 100% – No Velocity Increase – Why?

Inside this 10-page e-book I’m going to share with you some secrets about arm speed that will go against everything you’ve seen, heard, read or said when it comes to the velocity game. Here’s just a few inner-secrets that I will reveal to you: Why 99% of the mechanical issues can be traced back to your eyes […]

(Free E-Book) Reveals Why Most Pitchers Can’t, Don’t, and Won’t Throw Harder Any Time Soon…

Are you finally ready to learn how to get every single ounce from your lower-body? Inside this video you will learn: Why the “inverted W” and “high elbows” is not an arm action issue, it’s a lower-body issue. Why most of your mechanical flaws are “Man-Made”. Why you should avoid the “Pelvic Pretzel” at all […]

(Watch this Video) Reveals The Secret “Lower-Body Move” To Increase Your Velocity … That Nobody Else Knows About!

Back in 2012, I really had no idea how the lower body worked. At the time, I just agreed with what I was reading and then realized that I was teaching everything wrong. Here’s what I learned what Bryce Harper taught me about pitching that goes against everything you’ve ever seen, read or heard about […]

What Bryce Harper Taught Me About Lower-Body Pitching Mechanics

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(VIDEO TIP) How To Throw Low Strikes… At A High Percentage!

Introduction:You bust your butt, but no matter what you try, you just can’t figure out how engage your lower half to get more velocity?  And the frustrating part happens when you can get it done in practice but the velocity suddenly vanishes come game time?If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.Before we dig […]

Are You Wasting Time and Money in-(VEST)ING in Waist Support Bands?

How To Know For Sure If  You’re An Ideal Fit For One of The  3-Day Core Velocity Training Programs? See how many of these questions you answer YES… If you answer 2 or more, you’re an ideal candidate. Do you struggle getting more from your lower-half and no matter what you’re told, or try, it’s not […]

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