There’s no denying it: the 1st thing coaches and scouts are looking for is high velocity pitchers. Are you struggling to add velocity? Have you been stuck at the same velocity for a while?
Do even the smaller guys throw harder than you?
What’s really holding you back from throwing with easy velocity?
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  • The biggest bleeder of velocity in lower-half pitching mechanics
  • 3 pitching velocity checkpoints that require your immediate attention
  • Hacking the velocity code
  • How Lucas Giolito naturally changed his mechanics
  • What’s the #1 thing most high velocity pitchers do?
  • Why you don't throw hard enough

The reason this kid didn’t throw hard enough was on purpose. He just didn’t realize it yet. I had a kid fly out a weekend ago from Texas. His Dad explained how he was losing confidence and motivation to keep playing so he thought he’d give it one last chance. So they booked a last […]


The reason most pitchers struggle to develop efficient pitching mechanics and never throw as hard as they should is simple… They over-think any and everything and are never taught how to FEEL it for themselves. As you know, once you can FEEL it for yourself, you never forget it.  And that’s exactly what I’m going […]


Have you ever seen the Karate Kid? The movie is about a young boy who’s getting bullied at school. So, he reaches out the janitor at his apartment building who just happens to be a pretty tough guy. The young man reaches out to the janitor and asks him if he would be willing to […]


Here’s a pitching mechanics tip for you… The fastest way to solve a movement problem is by creating movement problems. Honestly, I can say I’ve been wrong so many more times than I’ve been right.  Between me and you, I feel like writing an apology letter to some of my previous pitchers. Have you ever […]


I recently ran across a Facebook quiz “Who’s your baby’s daddy?”  Sadly, my mind read, “Who’s your baby data?”  Sounds crazy, I know.  But I want you to think about it.  The quiz was designed to trace back your signs and symptoms of pregnancy.  The testing (data) in place would let you know that you’re […]


The reason most pitchers struggle to improve leg drive is simple… They focus on the legs instead of the hips. And with all the information out there and pitching mechanics breakdowns available, I can see why you’re confused as hell. Most pitchers are sadly taught to: Load the hips Stay tall Push off the ground […]


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