Throwing Program

Are you struggling to throw strikes consistently?

Ever noticed how some days your velocity is up and the next day it’s down?

Both of these issues can often be tracked to poor glove side mechanics.

If you’re not properly using your glove side, it could be the reason your arm hurts, you’re struggling to increase your velocity and not able to throw consistent strikes.

(Pitching Lesson) How To FEEL Your Velocity Increase… Using Only Your Glove!

Today I’m going to share with you the secret to throwing consistent strikes… Just like a BLIND archer. You heard me right. South Korean archer Im Dong-hyun is blind, yet he can hit a target 100’s of yards away. You’re about to learn the secret to throwing consistent strikes has little to do with your […]

Blind Archer Throws More Strikes Than YOU!

If only more kids were taught the value of hard work…Or, were actually given credit for their hard work instead of being blamed and told this game isn’t for them.

Today’s long-winded email is my personal story as a college coach and how anything is possible if you actually believe in yourself and have the desire to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals in life…(This is one of the most important emails I’ve ever written.)

Personally, I was not the greatest pitcher. Sure, I pitched at the D1 level….let me start over. Sure, I was on the roster of a D1 roster. However, it’s typically scrubs like myself that realize they aren’t very good and have to fight harder for an advantage. If the old saying is true…”The best players usually make the worst coaches.” Then I’d be a Hall of Fame coach.

Nothing Worth Having-Ever Comes Easy!

If you’re just now being introduced to the art and science of pitching or you’re the seasoned college coach…I’m going to challenge you to question some of the stuff you’re actually teaching. I’m betting, a lot of it doesn’t make sense when you really start to think about it. Let’s start with: 1. Standing over […]

5 Pitching Tips That Don’t Make Sense

Discover the best long toss program I’ve ever seen, read about or been told.

You’re going to learn what I discovered about long toss that I still use today while recruiting as a college pitching coach.

What you’re about to learn will blow your mind and give you the long toss program you’ve been searching for!

Why Jesus Preaches Long Toss

How many of you guys search the internet looking for velocity and weighted ball programs? I can personally attest to searching and trying many different velocity programs for my athletes and I’m about to share with you some insight that will help educate you as your search continues. Before we get started, I have to […]

Beware of Weighted Baseballs & Velocity Programs

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