Today we’re going to talk about a common myth in pitching mechanics. I’m sure you’ve heard of it… Hip/shoulder separation? It’s crazy to think how many coaches, parents and instructors get this wrong.  In fact, most of the pitchers I personally work with make a grave mistake. Any idea on what that is? The truth […]

Pitching Mechanics Checkpoints: Hips & Shoulders

Does your son ever look great one pitch and horrible the next? Start by heating up your stove until it’s bright red. Set aside one ounce of burn cream, bandages and make sure all the windows are shut so the neighbor can’t see inside. I’ll give you a few minutes to get started and then […]

How Hot is Hot?

I often get asked… “Lantz, what’s your philosophy on pitching mechanics, development…..?” So, being the lazy bum I am, I thought I’d take time to write down the first 109 thoughts that come to my mind. After all, I’ve written or discussed each of these beliefs extensively throughout my blog, instructional videos and podcasts. ——- Here’s […]

We Believe

Sad to say but most players waste their time training. They have no idea how the brain processes the information and de-codes it into a ‘useable software training program.’ Yep, it’s true. The reason so many players struggle to transfer practice results is simple… They focus on the quanity of practice versus what’s really important. […]

Why So Many Players Struggle To Transfer Practice Results

Here’s proof how powerful it can be once you Trust What You FEEL! Today’s post is an essay I received from Nicholas Fressle, a pitcher who attended one of my previous camps. Honestly, it’s stories like this one that make me Love what I do. Every kid has a dream, some kids work for their dream and […]


Are you struggling to find the strike zone? Inside this article we’re going to uncover the reason you can’t throw strikes and then I’m going to give you a few different drills you can practice that don’t require a coach, or a single word about pitching mechanics.  (Crowd goes wild!!!) . Let’s start by seeing if […]

Who Moved the Strike Zone

“From the pee-hole to the 6 hole.. My son was bred to play short!” he says walking into the dugout un-announced… Luckily for me, the pee-hole kid pitched too! It was my first year coaching and I’ll never forget that family. They were the first to introduce me to the “Strike Detector Reflex” It’s a […]

Does The Strike Detector Reflex Really Exist In Pitchers?

Are you finally ready to learn how to get every single ounce from your lower-body? Inside this video you will learn: Why the “inverted W” and “high elbows” is not an arm action issue, it’s a lower-body issue. Why most of your mechanical flaws are “Man-Made”. Why you should avoid the “Pelvic Pretzel” at all […]

(Watch this Video) Reveals The Secret “Lower-Body Move” To Increase Your Velocity … That Nobody Else Knows About!

Back in 2012, I really had no idea how the lower body worked. At the time, I just agreed with what I was reading and then realized that I was teaching everything wrong. Here’s what I learned what Bryce Harper taught me about pitching that goes against everything you’ve ever seen, read or heard about […]

What Bryce Harper Taught Me About Lower-Body Pitching Mechanics

Intent… The term mechanics actually refers to the movement patterns within the swing or throw. The movement patterns (pitching mechanics) are unique to everyone and no two people are alike. Now that you have my definition of mechanics, here’s what we are going to do this week. For the next couple of days, we will […]

Intent- Ingredient #1

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