Mental Game

If you’ve ever wondered why some players choke and melt-down while others stand tall and step forward in times of chaos and competition… You need to read every single word of what I’m about to share with you. Think about how most players are being taught and trained these days and then you’ll know… Why […]

Mind Over Motor

I often get asked… “Lantz, what’s your philosophy on pitching mechanics, development…..?” So, being the lazy bum I am, I thought I’d take time to write down the first 109 thoughts that come to my mind. After all, I’ve written or discussed each of these beliefs extensively throughout my blog, instructional videos and podcasts. ——- Here’s […]

We Believe

Here’s proof how powerful it can be once you Trust What You FEEL! Today’s post is an essay I received from Nicholas Fressle, a pitcher who attended one of my previous camps. Honestly, it’s stories like this one that make me Love what I do. Every kid has a dream, some kids work for their dream and […]


“From the pee-hole to the 6 hole.. My son was bred to play short!” he says walking into the dugout un-announced… Luckily for me, the pee-hole kid pitched too! It was my first year coaching and I’ll never forget that family. They were the first to introduce me to the “Strike Detector Reflex” It’s a […]

Does The Strike Detector Reflex Really Exist In Pitchers?

Intent… The term mechanics actually refers to the movement patterns within the swing or throw. The movement patterns (pitching mechanics) are unique to everyone and no two people are alike. Now that you have my definition of mechanics, here’s what we are going to do this week. For the next couple of days, we will […]

Intent- Ingredient #1

  How To Throw Smoke Using A Breathing Stick!Before I reveal this engineering marvel which defies everything you’ve ever read, seen or heard about velocity, I’ve need to admit something. I’m a recovering pitching mech-addict. Yep, it’s true. I used to believe: Arm strength increased your velocity.<\li> Pitching mechanics were the deciding factor for your […]

How To Throw Smoke Using A Breathing Stick!

  The #1 struggle pitchers are facing today, isn’t lack of information… It’s a lack of communication! That’s why I’m constantly preaching… “Until a pitcher can FEEL what you’re asking him to do, he will never truly understand.” Sadly, most of our players don’t have it that easy. Nowadays you could gather 15 pitching coaches […]

(Part 1 of 4) Why I Teach Pitching Mechanics by FEEL!

Here’s a story about a boy and a bear…A boy walks into the woods and is confronted by a bear.  He panics.  His heart rate elevates.  His body is on high alert and at that moment, sends a 911 message to get the hell out of dodge. Bad news is he poops his pants. Good […]

Why BREATHING Is The Bridge That Connects The Brain To The Body

Are you ready for #Palooza16? Cause, tonight I’m going to be giving you first shot at one of the 250 available Pitch-a-Palooza 16 tickets. Click the ticket below to receive the 2nd round of invites going out soon! Here’s the line-up so far:   Paul Nyman – Setpro Sports Mike Reinold – Former Red Sox Trainer […]

Pitch-a-Palooza 16 Opens Tonight… How Fast Will It Sell Out This Year?

What if you could fix one of the biggest flaws seen with the lower body in minutes…

One that’s responsible for secretly sucking out velocity, adding dangerous stress to your arm and preventing you from ever pitching to your max potential.

In fact, what I’m going to share with you today is by far, the #1 flaw I see with the lower-body.

But – here’s the cool part.

The game-changing ‘fix’ I’m about to share with you, will require you to treat your body/brain like a little kid using “Reverse Psychology”

How To Fix Almost Any Velocity Leak Using Reverse Psychology!

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