How do you know how far you should stride? Is there a way to measure? What happens if you stride too far? Too short? This lesson answers those questions and more, check it out.  

Hitting Lessons: How Far Should A Hitter Stride?

Do you know the proper way to grip the bat? Are you sure? Watch this video as Hunter explains the proper way and more importantly, why!

Hitting Lessons: How To Grip The Bat

Here are two way to use the short bat. Watch this short video.

Hitting Drills: 2 Ways To Use The Short Bat

You’ve all heard the saying, “Hitting is timing.” However, many times the only way to challenge a hitter’s timing is in game situations. If you’ve been to enough games or if you’re a baseball coach, you’ve seen the 5 o’clock hitter. What’s the 5 o’clock hitter? He’s the guy that crushes in batting practice (BP), […]

How To Challenge A Hitter’s Timing Using Front Toss

In today’s post, I wanted to discuss a question that seems to be very popular! Everyone speaks of the stride and lower body of a pitcher, but very few discuss the role of the lower body in the swing. That’s why I’m giving you this video.

Hitting Drills: How To Involve The Lower Half In The Swing!

There’s a reason, our site is quickly becoming the #1 source on the planet for player development! Just yesterday, Hunter Bledsoe was featured in the Seattle Times, you can read the article here. The article discusses the progress of Justin Smoak, a 1st round draft pick out of the University of South Carolina. During the […]

BaseballThinkTank Featured In The Seattle Times!

The article everyone is talking about! See why it was featured in The Seattle Times. Just enter your email and will be sent to you immediately. Here’s what I want you to do… Jump over to Google + and let’s take this conversation further, I want to hear what you think.  

10 Slow Steps To A Perfect Baseball Swing

Have you heard the term, “squash the bug”? The cue has been around the game of baseball a long time. Is it the correct way to teach hitters or does it actually do more harm than good? Watch the short video below and learn the truth!

“Squash The Bug” Is Dead

Awareness and feel are important concepts in the player development process. Often the most difficult aspect of coaching is finding a way for the athlete to not only see what you are telling him, but more importantly “feel” what you are instructing. Today, I am going to share with you a very simple exercise that […]

Hitters Have To Wake Up & Feel The Hips

Why do so many hitters open their front shoulder early (fly open)? Is it a mechanical problem? Is it because they don’t see the ball? What about their neck?  Maybe they are restricted in the movement of their neck?  Ever thought about that? Watch this video and learn why so many hitters fly open.

Why Do Hitters Fly Open? Check The Neck

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