Back in 2012, I really had no idea how the lower body worked. At the time, I just agreed with what I was reading and then realized that I was teaching everything wrong. Here’s what I learned what Bryce Harper taught me about pitching that goes against everything you’ve ever seen, read or heard about […]

What Bryce Harper Taught Me About Lower-Body Pitching Mechanics


Yesterday was my little boy’s birthday. Rex turned 7. And we celebrated but where else… on the baseball field. So last week to prepare I started putting together a few very special videos to help celebrate the father/son bond we all share at some level. While at the same time, give you some pointers that […]

How To Coach Your Son Like You REALLY Love Him!


Are you ready for #Palooza16? Cause, tonight I’m going to be giving you first shot at one of the 250 available Pitch-a-Palooza 16 tickets. Click the ticket below to receive the 2nd round of invites going out soon! Here’s the line-up so far:   Paul Nyman – Setpro Sports Mike Reinold – Former Red Sox Trainer […]

Pitch-a-Palooza 16 Opens Tonight… How Fast Will It Sell Out This Year?


Here’s a great story of a $100 Million dollar pitcher having success at the AAA level, and get this… He’s doing it with a 79 MPH fastball.

If you’re a low velocity pitcher stuck in the mud and unable to pick up any speed, or you’re a guy who struggles with inconsistent velocity… You’re going to love this!


It also applies to all you ‘obsessive velo’ guys who worry yourself sick about velocity and see nothing wrong with sniping the unsuspecting, on-deck hitter with the good ole’ #1.

Barry Zito Mowing Down MLB Hitters With Little League Fastball (79-82 MPH)


Now you can… Discover The Inner-Secrets Of The ‘Wolfpack” System And Watch How Quickly You Develop A Reputation For Lighting Up The Scoreboard, Winning Games And Smashing Records…   But Most Importantly- Get The Cheat-Sheet For Developing An Elite Group Of Trained Killers, Brothers In Arms, Ready To Sacrifice Whatever It Takes For The Guy […]

Ready To Get Every Single One Of Your Players To ‘Buy-In’ To Your Way Of Doing Things And Stop All The ‘Second-Guessing’?


You want to know what’s really bad for hitters and good for pitchers?

I hope this doesn’t hurt your feeling because I bet you’re just as guilty as everyone else…

The reason so many hitters struggle is because they swing at strikes, yeah strikes…but here’s what they should be doing!

Why Hitters Are Struggling And It Has Nothing To Do With The Swing!


Do you know the secret to hitting?

Its unlike anything taught before, but its something Bruce Lee knew long before any of us…

In fact, you’ll learn more from Bruce Lee in this article about hitting than you will searching “hitting mechanics” for the next 10 hours…

See for yourself what Bruce Lee will teach you about hitting…

Why Bruce Lee Understood Hitting Better Than 99% Of Us!


Do you want to know why my son will never receive one single instruction?

It’s not because I’m an idiot when it comes to hitting, no.

In fact, what you’re about to see inside this video, is the same development plan I will use to teach him how to throw the baseball (pitching will come later).

You’re going to learn…

Youth Hitting Drills: Teach Your Son To Hit The Sh** Out of The Ball!


Today’s post is a tribute to Todd Helton. After watching the video, leave a comment and let’s get the discussion started.

What Made Todd Helton A 17 Year Big Leaguer


What should the hitter’s hands be doing? Should they remain still? Should they contain rhythm and/or movement? Watch this short video and learn some of the common mistakes most hitters make with the hands.  

3 Mistakes Hitting Coaches & Players Make With The Hands


Plug your velocity leaks and see instant velocity gains. Your pitchers will FEEL it never forget it! Drills so simple anyone can use them. Good for any age.
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5 High-Velocity Pitching Hacks Perfect For Any Age

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