Arm Care

  This past weekend I was speaking to a parent while waiting in between games. Like so many other parents, the father felt his son’s performance on the mound was suffering due to arm fatigue and constant soreness. He was excited that this was the last tournament of the year for the team and his […]

Arm Injuries In Baseball, Overuse or Under-prepared?

Do you feel stiff and inflexible? Do you think it’s just not that important, you’ve always been that way and it hasn’t hurt you yet? What if you didn’t spend time throwing, would your arm get stronger? What if you never spent time in the weight room, would you get stronger? Every pitcher realizes the […]

Call It Bad Luck Or A Freak Injury, I Call It Poor Mobility!

Every baseball player experiences arm pain from time to time, it’s the nature of the Beast. However, many times we aren’t sure of the nature of the pain. This article by Dr. Josh Renkens  will help answer and guide you through a common diagnosis, tendoinitis.   By nature of what I do and the techniques […]

Are You Sure It’s Tendonitis? Here’s How You Can Tell

Pitching in a competitive environment raises the intensity and stress on the arm!  Duh! The only way to prepare the arm to pitch is to build a strong throwing base.  Duh! The results on the mound are a direct reflection of the process off the mound.  Duh! It sounds simple, right?  Then why does most […]

Injury Prevention: Reducing Arm Pain And Recovery Time

Whether you’re a coach, a trainer or a baseball player, you’ve dealt with arm pain and arm injuries. Obviously, most arm injuries are associated with pitchers but arm injuries can and do occur with every position on the field. Back in the day, player’s were told to spit on it and keep playing. Today, surgery […]

Pitchers With A History Of Arm Injuries Might Want To Try This!

Elbow pain and arm pain is just part of the game, right? The elbow is a tough spot for pain because most players don’t know how to relieve the soreness and stiffness that they get accustomed to. I am going to show you some elbow strengthening exercises for pitchers and position players. Watch this video […]

Injury Prevention: Elbow Strengthening Exercises For Pitchers

  There is an inherent risk of injury involved with throwing a baseball. There’s no way around it. The risk increases as outside variables are added and common sense is not part of the equation. Am I totally against pitch counts? No. I believe they are in place for the right reasons but I am […]

Pitch Counts In Little League And 5 Things To Consider

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