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Inside this post we’re going to review the dramatic changes seen with Lucas Giolito’s arm action and how the smallest, teeniest tiniest adjustments are the ones that create the biggest changes. In fact… You’re going to discover a much deeper layer behind pitching mechanics and how the body and brain are one when it comes […]

How Lucas Giolito Naturally Changed His Pitching Mechanics

If you asked 15 pitching coaches the same question about what it really takes to create velocity in the safest and most effective way… I’m betting you get 15 different answers. Over and over again, coaches point out still positions and attempt to validate their points.  However, nobody ever discusses the role of the hips.  […]

What’s The #1 Thing Most High Velocity Pitchers Do?

Can I ask you a question? Do you like pitching on a muddy mound or hitting in a slippery box? Then why do you slide your shoes on without tying them tightly? Stability is stability! It’s crazy to think how many pitchers spend so much time working on Pitching mechanics Arm care Velocity training Long […]

Why Loose Shoes Lose Velocity

  How To Throw Smoke Using A Breathing Stick!Before I reveal this engineering marvel which defies everything you’ve ever read, seen or heard about velocity, I’ve need to admit something. I’m a recovering pitching mech-addict. Yep, it’s true. I used to believe: Arm strength increased your velocity.<\li> Pitching mechanics were the deciding factor for your […]

How To Throw Smoke Using A Breathing Stick!

If you’re just now being introduced to the art and science of pitching or you’re the seasoned college coach…I’m going to challenge you to question some of the stuff you’re actually teaching. I’m betting, a lot of it doesn’t make sense when you really start to think about it. Let’s start with: 1. Standing over […]

5 Pitching Tips That Don’t Make Sense

Have you heard the story about the future 1st round pitcher that had Tommy John…and then broke his elbow during his return?

But, what’s different about this story is his return.

Learn how an undersized pitcher that experienced catastrophic injuries, not only made his return but surpassed any and all expectations when he reached 102 mph.

Read his story here.

How A Snapped Elbow And TJ Couldn’t Keep This Kid From Throwing 102 MPH

Don’t go to the game tonight, don’t even watch it because you could get Ebola…scientific study reports!

It’s true!

How do I know?

Because it’s a scientific report you idiot, duh!

I’m not sure if you’re educated enough to know this, so I’m gonna lay it out for you!

Royals pitcher has Ebola!!!

If the village idiot asked you to smell his finger, would you?

More on that in a moment…

Right now, let’s talk about the epidemic of tommy john surgeries and elbow injuries.

Before we begin, I want you to know, I’m not an expert, nor a doctor…

In fact, it took me 6 freakin’ years to graduate from college, at a state school in KY.

So, all these scientific based principles are way over my head, that’s why I created Baseball Think Tank.

The Legend Of Muffin & PoundCake: An Intro To Arm Injuries & Tommy John

…  They don’t spend enough time developing an overall base of strength. With physical education programs slowly fading away, and an overemphasis on playing games, young athletes are not ready to meet  the physical demands. I have worked with hundreds of young athletes that do not have the ability to perform basic movements with proper […]

One Reason So Many Youth Baseball Players Are Injured

Throwing doesn’t build arm strength, says Eric Cressey. I get his point but I’m going to slightly disagree, well, let’s just say I’m going to add to his conversation. I’m a big fan of Eric Cressey’s, if you aren’t familiar with his work, you need to be. I recently ran across one of his articles […]

The Evolution of Arm Strength & Adaptation!

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