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Its amazing how often I hear this. “He’s really been working hard on increasing his stride length but I think he’s actually lost velocity.”  “What should we do next?” Quit trying to increase the stride length is where I would start. Here’s why. The distance of your stride has nothing to do with your velocity. […]

Stride Length 100% – No Velocity Increase – Why?

Inside this 10-page e-book I’m going to share with you some secrets about arm speed that will go against everything you’ve seen, heard, read or said when it comes to the velocity game. Here’s just a few inner-secrets that I will reveal to you: Why 99% of the mechanical issues can be traced back to your eyes […]

(Free E-Book) Reveals Why Most Pitchers Can’t, Don’t, and Won’t Throw Harder Any Time Soon…

This past weekend I attended the ABCA conference and had the chance to visit and speak with my old coaching buddies. Time and time again, I got the same question over and over… “Where do you start…” When evaluating pitching mechanics? With The Core Velocity Belt? That’s easy… Be A Hammock! At first I got some […]

Be A Hammock – Anchor the Eyes and the Feet

Do you want to know the #1 cause for most pitching mechanics flaws?   They’re Man-Made! Yeah that’s right.  Most mechanical flaws are Man-Made pitching disasters.  The flaws that you see would never occurred had the pitcher not been introduced. You see… The body wants to match, it craves equal and opposite.  It craves balance.  (Why […]

Man-Made Pitching Mechanics (Disasters)

If you’ve ever wondered why some players choke and melt-down while others stand tall and step forward in times of chaos and competition… You need to read every single word of what I’m about to share with you. Think about how most players are being taught and trained these days and then you’ll know… Why […]

Mind Over Motor

Today we’re going to talk about a common myth in pitching mechanics. I’m sure you’ve heard of it… Hip/shoulder separation? It’s crazy to think how many coaches, parents and instructors get this wrong.  In fact, most of the pitchers I personally work with make a grave mistake. Any idea on what that is? The truth […]

Pitching Mechanics Checkpoints: Hips & Shoulders

Does your son ever look great one pitch and horrible the next? Start by heating up your stove until it’s bright red. Set aside one ounce of burn cream, bandages and make sure all the windows are shut so the neighbor can’t see inside. I’ll give you a few minutes to get started and then […]

How Hot is Hot?

I often get asked… “Lantz, what’s your philosophy on pitching mechanics, development…..?” So, being the lazy bum I am, I thought I’d take time to write down the first 109 thoughts that come to my mind. After all, I’ve written or discussed each of these beliefs extensively throughout my blog, instructional videos and podcasts. ——- Here’s […]

We Believe

Sad to say but most players waste their time training. They have no idea how the brain processes the information and de-codes it into a ‘useable software training program.’ Yep, it’s true. The reason so many players struggle to transfer practice results is simple… They focus on the quanity of practice versus what’s really important. […]

Why So Many Players Struggle To Transfer Practice Results

Here’s proof how powerful it can be once you Trust What You FEEL! Today’s post is an essay I received from Nicholas Fressle, a pitcher who attended one of my previous camps. Honestly, it’s stories like this one that make me Love what I do. Every kid has a dream, some kids work for their dream and […]


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