Teaching Pitchers How To Teach Themselves

Ever heard the old saying… “You become what you believe?” If you say, “I suck.” You’re exactly right. You do suck. If you say, “I can’t do this” You’re exactly right. You just told yourself you can’t, so you can’t. Truth is… The kinetic chain starts with the brain!     Great news is… The […]

The Kinetic Chain Starts With The Brain

The greatest baseball speech you’ve probably never heard… Comes from one of the greatest men I’ve ever had the honor of meeting. His name? Tony Robichaux. Last week, Coach Tony Robichaux, the Head Coach of Lousiana-Lafayette passed after suffering a heart attack.  However, the legacy he left us will be carried on for eternity. Very […]

The Greatest Baseball Speech You’ve Probably Never Heard

Lucas Giolito says… “It happened naturally without me having to think about it.”  If you’ve ever tried to change your mechanics but had no luck and instead found yourself not only losing velocity and command, but also confidence… You probably need to read this post. A couple of months ago I wrote an article about […]

Lucas Giolito MLB’s Pitcher of the Month – Credits The Core Velocity Belt

A coaching buddy walks up to me and says… “Lantz, Why don’t you have more pro coaches speak?” There’s a reason no pro coach has spoken outside of Derek Johnson’s curveball demonstration. Because MLB organizations contractually won’t allow their coaches to share their best info out of fear for their secrets being stolen and used […]

Pitch-a-Palooza 19 “Demonstration Derby”

Here’s an inside look at the 3-step CVB lower-half progression Casey Mize, MLB’s #1 pick and prospect uses to FEEL and generate one of baseball’s best lower-half deliveries in the game. There’s a reason why Casey was the #1Pick in the MLB draft and why Bledsoe Brothers Agency is the best in the biz and […]

How The #1 Pick Casey Mize Uses The Core Velocity Belt

Last night I was walking down the stairs in total darkness with just my underwear on. Probably a little too much info but that’s not important, this is.  As I took my final step down I almost fall flat on my face had it not been for a last ditch reflexive effort to get my […]

Why The Ultimate Goal For Pitching Mechanics Is Not Velocity! (Video Review)

Pitchers who are quad dominant have no chance of ever rotating their hips. ⁣ Because they cannot rotate effectively, there body moves as 1-piece. Because they cannot rotate they cannot separate. Because they cannot separate they cannot transfer energy up the chain. ⁣In other words…⁣ ⁣ You’re leaking A Lot of velocity! ⁣ ⁣ Learn […]

The #1 Velocity Leak Is…

Watch this video below and after watching, let’s review together. Deal?     Pitching mechanics are a complex series of sub-movements. Any movement will affect Every movement! Most pitchers I see struggle with the hips. Because of this, they struggle with the feet. Because of this, they never develop efficient mechanics. Unfortunately, 99.99% of pitching […]

Pitching Mechanics Analysis: How the Feet Affect The Arm

Crazy to think even MLB are guilty of using this suicidal phrase… Any idea what it is? Last month I was working with a pitching staff during Spring Training. Without thinking (obviously), one of the younger pitchers grabbed my attention and slowly spoke his death sentence when he asked… “How did that one look?” “How […]

These 5 Words Spell Death For A Pitcher

Inside this post we’re going to review the dramatic changes seen with Lucas Giolito’s arm action and how the smallest, teeniest tiniest adjustments are the ones that create the biggest changes. In fact… You’re going to discover a much deeper layer behind pitching mechanics and how the body and brain are one when it comes […]

How Lucas Giolito Naturally Changed His Pitching Mechanics

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