A Scientific Reason Why Pitchers Should “Work Fast”!



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  1. Mike Nabors says:

    Freaking AWESOME information!

    Blew my socks off, thanks for sharing!!


  2. rich says:

    couldn’t agree more.

  3. Turn 22 says:

    Lantz, As always great information on an important overlooked part of the art of pitching

  4. Zita Carno says:

    If you’ve ever seen Mark Buehrle pitch, there it is. He works fast and throws strikes. I watched him on TV when he pitched his perfect game, and it went by so fast…
    When I pitched, many moons ago, I did the same thing. I lost no time between pitches. The key to all this is knowing ahead of time what you’re going to throw next. I’ve seen too many guys lollygag on the mound, trying to decide what their next pitch will be, and when they finally make up their minds (?) they find, much to their chagrin, that their next pitch is exactly what the batter is looking for, and KABOOM, into the upper deck it goes for a salami. I recall how Eddie Lopat would talk to me about pitch sequences and how to use them, and I took full advantage of it.

  5. Coach_Paul says:

    All very good tips about VSTM. Rhythm is critical to successful pitching. All too often I see kids spend a lot of time between pitches and making affectations like they see the guys in MLB doing. I call it “Big-timing” a la Domingo Ayala. Why does every 12 year old need to be Jonathan Papelbon?

    The tip for SS alignment is gold. I’ve used that in the past because it just made sense to increase your range up the middle. Those balls to the SS backhand where he’s fielding from the grass, he’s essentially just backing up the third baseman anyway. The key there is to keep that ball in the infield and prevent base runners from getting an extra base on a ball through to the outfield. The SS rarely will make that play at 1B.

    Having pitches look similar out of the hand is another great tip if you are trying to fool the hitter and I certainly advocate that.

    There is something to be said for using a strange arm slot for a unique pitch one in a while. If thrown rarely enough, it can catch the hitter off guard. I was mostly straight over the top or 3/4 with my arm slot, but I used to throw a sidearm slider 3-5 times a game in various situations. It worked much like a 3-9 curveball. The batter either stood straight up or backed out of the box because I got all the way over to the right edge of the rubber and when I released it my arm looked like it was coming from behind a RH hitter. When I used it on LH hitters, they gave up on it and it drifted back over the outer edge or I would start it in a spot that made their eyes light up, only to watch it run in on their hands. I had more than one umpire inspect the baseball after I would throw it. I used it sparingly because I did not want a hitter to sit on it and mash it to the right field gap.

  6. Joey Allen says:

    I think you are on to something, we will work on that this weekend.

  7. Rich says:

    This is awesome ! Never thought of shooting free throws ,and pitching would relate.

  8. Harry Porter says:

    Great information that needs to be shared with more little league fathers who so desperately want their sons to succeed on the mound. Also keeps infielders on their toes rather than falling asleep waiting forever on a pitcher to throw the ball. I have found the LHP are more likely to take their time pitching. Do you have any thoughts on that particular point of view. The LHP always tell me they think it makes the batter’s nervous and causes them to think to much about what the pitcher may be throwing. I believe it slows down the heart beat of the hitters and they become more relaxed and calmer and therefore see the ball better.

  9. Brian Murtha says:

    Based on Lantz’s information on working fast, it would be especially prudent for any LHP to work quickly and try to always be sub 12 seconds because most hitters are RH and see the ball better from a LHP…especially the breaking pitches, along with the fact that “most” pitchers have trouble coming in thus allowing many hitters to relax and get easier extension.
    Work fast, establish in, double-up in a bit more as needed… then the outside opens up like a freeway.

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