78-88 MPH in 2 Months Using Only His Mind

Here's proof how powerful it can be once you Trust What You FEEL!

Today's post is an essay I received from Nicholas Fressle, a pitcher who attended one of my previous camps.

Honestly, it's stories like this one that make me Love what I do. 

Every kid has a dream, some kids work for their dream and others wait for it to happen.

Those kids often don’t reach their dreams. I am one that works towards my dreams. I believe that hard work pays off. My dream is and has always been to be a professional baseball player. Baseball was my first love.  I not only fell in love with the game of baseball, but I fell in love with being a pitcher. The thrill of being a part of every play in the game makes me thrive. To achieve your dreams, you cannot rely on only yourself to get you there but you need to allow others to push you to your full potential.

I was fortunate enough to have help and support from multiple coaches, trainers and my father over the years.

I am the best version of myself on and off the field because of the support I have been given. My coaches and trainers taught me how to pitch to batters instead of just going out on the mound and trying to throw the baseball as hard as I could. A lot of kids thought pitching was just throwing the baseball as hard as you could.

I was fortunate enough to know that was not the case.

As I grew as a person and as a baseball player, I realized that might have been the most valuable lesson I was ever given. I had control over the strike zone and control over my future. To reach my dreams I knew I had the height, the knowledge, the mental toughness and will but I was missing something.

That something was my velocity of the baseball.

Velocity is how hard you can throw the baseball. The professionals can throw the baseball anywhere from 90-100mph.

I knew I couldn’t just start throwing at that speed, but I had to start somewhere. At the age of 17, I was able to throw the baseball anywhere between 78-80 mph.

Even though that seems fast, it still isn’t fast enough to get where I wanted to be, and I wasn’t about to give up.  

Giving up was not an option and it will never be an option, so I had to do something to learn how to bring my velocity to where I know it can be, and there was no time left to waste. In the middle of my junior year season I decided it was time to take that brave step.

I started a new training program that taught me how to use the lower half of my body and how to rotate my hips so I could pitch faster. 

This was not an easy tweak.  

Imagine learning one thing your whole life and than someone telling you that you need to change everything you have ever known.

This was something that would take me weeks or even months to perfect. I needed to create brand new muscle memory.  

My father and I started reading articles about pitching and even visited one of the top pitching coaches in the nation by the name of Lantz Wheeler.

To become the best pitcher I could be and to increase my velocity I needed to start right away even though I might not see any improvement for a few weeks or even months. This change took a lot of hard work, dedication and mental toughness. I did my assigned drills and made sure to do everything I needed to do to be better, but in the beginning I was struggling.

I was learning something new and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, but I stuck to my drills and put the work in to change my mechanics in order to increase my velocity. This new thought process started to get to my mind and I had a rough start to my senior year.

But finally, after months of working on changing everything I ever knew, I started to see a change in my velocity. Finally. little by little we would see a higher number but it still wasn’t enough. The magic number is over 83 mph and I just wasn’t there yet but I was determined to reach my goals and I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way. After continuous weeks of working hard, I had one last chance to make a lasting impression on every college program I could.  Finally, everything clicked. I stepped on the mound on a beautiful Sunday morning and the baseball flew from my hand with pure speed.

The velocity gun read 85, then 86, then 85, then 87, then 85, then 88, then 87, and then 88.

Right there in that moment I knew, everything was going to pay off and my dreams was just that much closer to being achieved.

I did not give up, I did not give in, and I did not let anything or anyone determine who I was going to be or what I was going to be.

You can overcome anything you want… I did.

You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

It's stories like this that continue to prove how powerful the mind can be, and once you Trust What You FEEL!

It's amazing what can happen once you do!  

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Trust what you FEEL!


Steve (not verified)

What's powerful to me is that results come from being disciplined within the process!

In a world where social media allows people to put before/after pictures, before/after results, nobody puts day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4,...... And all the days of "just another day of training, working the drills, only to not see any improvement".

But it's trusting the process and appreciating the fruit that comes from simply working the process.

I always enjoyed the process of preparation and this story is a great one about why "process" is so important.

Thanks for sharing your story, Nick...
And thanks Lantz, for posting so we can truly appreciate how process works sometimes.... it's a grind but the fruit is sweet!

Lantz Wheeler | Founder

Totally agree Steve!

Lantz Wheeler | Founder

Thanks Steve, sorry for the late reply buddy.

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