5 Pitching Tips That Don’t Make Sense



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  1. Paul says:

    NOT ONE pitcher from Nolan Ryan down to the 8-9 year olds they test has ever repeated their mechanics. Not once! So, make sure you don’t long toss, I’d hate it if you can’t repeat your mechanics.

    I buy into that statement, but not in defense of long toss.

    Pitchers may not exactly repeat mechanics, but each pitch is thrown within a very narrow given range. That’s why pitchers can be identified simply by looking at the their mechanics. I can tell from the bleachers which pitcher is on the mound even though I can’t always read the number on their back from that distance. Why is that? It’s because of recognizable mechanics. Each pitch is “close enough” to the previous one. No two pistol shots are exactly the same, but how I hold and squeeze is close enough within a given range to get all the shots in 10 ring. Long toss throws look nothing like pitches mechanically, so why is long toss any better than simply using your pitching mechanics? Results can always be gained by going from no throwing program to any throwing program simply because of doing something as opposed to doing nothing. If you are going to gain arm strength, wouldn’t it make sense to gain that strength through your pitching range of motion?

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