3 Ways to Throw harder - Without Throwing Harder

Want to know 3 really quick and easy ways to throw harder... Without even trying to throw harder?

You're reading this, so I guess you do. Let's get started, shall we?

#1: Where's your thumb on the ball? In case you didn't know, the thumb is just there to balance the ball, nothing else. If your thumbprint is on the ball, hurry up and take it off... You're automatically losing 1-2 mph.


#2: Elevate in the strike zone. I gotta say most pitchers struggle to throw the baseball up in the strike zone. In case you didn't know... Any pitch located closer to the eyes or head will be perceived as faster. There's a really easy way to manipulate your wrist to make this happen without even trying.


#3: Ride the Gravity Slide: Yep, it's true. the reason most pitchers have NO chance of ever transferring velocity gains to the mound is because they don't know how to use gravity on their side. Instead they fight it. That's why my pitchers Ride the Gravity slide inside their warm-up and it's been by far and away the most effective way to train pitchers how to utilize their 'other -half' to instantly transfer velocity.

Gotta remember... Arm speed is instant - Arm strength is not!


#4: Bonus: Skip to My Lou: If you're a high school or college player who attends showcases, skip the ball. Yep that's right, skip it across the plate and the radar gun will read 2-3 mph faster. After that, attack the strike zone because the scouts will chart your highest velo regardless of it being in or out of the strike zone.


Go out and execute these 3 tips today and I guarantee you'll start to see hitters swearing up and down that you're actually throwing harder than what you really are.

These are all just grab bag tips and tricks that I've learned from some of the top pitchers and pitching coaches in the country.

If you like those you otta see what I've got in store for all the pitchers who reserved their spot for the 1st annual Lantz Wheeler's In-Season 90 Day Program.

Here's what you get:

  • Every pitcher that signs up gets a customized summer plan where you're tested every 14 days for Velocity Leaks...
  • After 14 days you're program is re-evaluated and re-customized for you and only you, for the next 14 days.
  • You'll get your own Certified BaseballThinkTank Instructor to walk you thorugh every step of the way... There to answer any and all questions.
  • We initiate the program by finding your "Butterfly Effect" and honestly, for most of you guys it's either going to be below the knees or above the neck.
  • Honestly...

It's the exact format I use with over $40,000,000 worth of MLB pitchers, not to mention the other 160 NCAA D1 schools and it's the same information I keep closely guarded to my chest when consulting with 7 MLB teams.

Who else wants to join the already 21 pitchers ready to make this the best season yet?

Only 9 spots remain, who'll make it to the finish line first?

Trust what you FEEL!


P.S: Here's what the inside of the program looks like if you're interested in joining the one and only 90 Day In-Season Core Velocity Summer Training Program

1. After your initial Video Evaluation you'll get a customize program that looks like this listing each and every drill, down to the smallest detail... 100% accessible on the go with your iPhone or smart phone. This is designed to take the guess work out of your daily plan for the next 90 days.

2. Click the video on your phone and you get a detailed video explanation on how to execute the drill perfectly...

3. Each day you'll find a new set of drills which has been customized and planned for you to follow 5 days per week for the next 14 days.

4. The entire individually customized 2 week (at a time) customized program is laid out right in front of you so you know exactly what to do today, and what's in store for tomorrow.

5. But, we hold you responsible for following the program and we are watching ya buddy. You'll be able to look back on your program and determine what you like, what works best for you with an easy to Review workout plan... But - we expect you to follow it and if you do...

You get to attend one of my sold out 3-Day Core Velocity Training Programs for FR=EE!

Enroll Today With 3 Easy Payments ... And I Guarantee This Will Be The Best Season Yet!

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