3 Reasons Baseball Players Are Prone To Ankle Injuries



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  1. Tommy Megremis MD says:

    Hello Lantz,
    I came across your article while post op for a non union of my left medial maleollus fracture I sustained a year ago playing baseball at the Roy Hobbs tournament in Ft. Myers Fl. I am at best a decent amateur player through the years and have played in that tournament since 1998 or so. Currently I am 61. I dont know if age caught up with me or what, but I began to notice how difficult it was to run in cleats. And especially twisting motions, such as batting were becoming a bit more difficult even before my injury. I broke the ankle sliding hard into second to break up a double play, bit I dont think it was the impact on the bag that hurt. I think the cleats caught the dirt wrong. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that the nice major league fields we play on down there have gone to a higher clay composition than even 5-10 years ago. And old feet just dont maneuver in and out of that material very well. If I ever play again, I will not use metal cleats, but a shoe which is more forgiving on that type of material. I think Derek Jeter got caught up in the clay for his injury which was not exactly like mine, but similar in its protracted healing. (we do share the same doctor though, Robert Anderson here in Charlotte). To your knowledge, as the condition of playing fields have become more state of the art, do you think the composition of the dirt has been changed which may be causing metal cleats to stick at times. After all the cleats were probably developed at a time when infields were more sandy of a composition. Cheers.

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