3 Mistakes Hitting Coaches & Players Make With The Hands



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  1. Jon Ball says:

    That is a really bad cue to tell people to not turn their upper body when they load. All good hitters show their number on their back to the pitcher in their load.

    A great analogy is, how far could you hit a golf ball if you never rotated your upper body on the back swing, not very far. The same holds true for a baseball swing.

    It adds a great deal of power and gives you more time to adjust to an off speed pitch.

    Other than that, great video.

    • Nick Collins says:

      I agree you have to have an element of shoulder turn, but I don’t like to teach hand loading as a trigger. I believe you need hand “movement” if your front foot is moving. That’s not necessarily loading because, to me, the upper body doesn’t really load until the stride is occurring and at that point the hands staying back and closer to the body while the body moves forward is what causes the slight inward turn or “showing the pitcher the numbers.”
      There’s plenty of ways to interpret these high level movements and numerous ways to teach them, but I agree with you that there is some inward shoulder turn. When, how much, cues, etc are the debatable part, in my opinion.

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