Lantz Wheeler's 3-Day Core Velocity Training Programs For All Pitchers 12-25 Years of Age...

I will be hosting my annual 3-day Core Velocity Training Program where I promise to hold nothing back, revealing everything I know about pitching mechanics, velocity training, pitch development and arm care. 

But - I'm only allowing 20 pitchers inside each session to ensure that your son is known on a first name basis and is given the 100% attention he deserves. 

June 5-7 (Nashville, TN) $1,999

July 10-12 (Nashville, TN) $1,999

July 24-26 (Huntington Beach, CA) $1,999


August 7-9 (Nashville, TN) $1,999

September 5-7 (Nashville, TN) $1,999

October 9-11 (Huntington Beach, CA) $1,999

November 27-29 (Nashville, TN) $1,999

December 18-20 (Nashville, TN) $1,999

Wouldn't you like to know...

What's Really Holding Your Son Back From Putting It All Together & Making It To The Next Level?

  • Why he really struggles to get more from his lower-half and how much velocity, plus added arm stress, it's costing him?
  • Why he's so inconsistent because he's good one inning and terrible the next...(Is it a mental or physical problem?) 
  • Why he sometimes complains of arm pain and we're not sure if it's caused by him doing too much throwing, or not enough? 
  • Why he loses velocity when he steps on the mound... Even the smaller pitchers throw it harder than he does? (Why is this happening?) 
  • Why he's the hardest worker on the team and always goes the extra mile, but it's hard to know what to work on when every coach you've had tells you something entirely different and even harder when you've got NO CONFIDENCE.

Hey guys I'm Lantz Wheeler. 

If only more pitchers, coaches, and parents realized how tightly conjoined the mind and body really are, traditional training would be stopped in its tracks. 

In fact, most pitchers are getting in their own way, overthinking aspects of pitching that really don't matter, like traditional pitching mechanics. 

  • They fog up their mind conscious of every single move. That's no way to pitch, it's a recipe for freaking disaster. 
  • The traditional teaching model for developing pitching mechanics is severely flawed, crippled an entire generation of pitchers. 

There's no doubt in my mind...

Traditional teachings have hurt more pitchers than they've ever helped.  

(Just ask one of the 23 MLB Organizations that I work with why my teaching method is so effective)

2018 Spring Training

Why I Teach Movements You Can FEEL and Not Mechanics You Can't!

Here's why. 

  • Most pitchers can't FEEL their mechanics, so they slow down and have to think about every single move they make. 
  • They have no way of knowing whether they're doing it right, or wrong.... In other words they're either left guessing or at the mercy of whatever coach is watching them at the time. 

But what happens when he performs it the exact same way in front of a different instructor? 

Yep, you guessed it. He's told to start back over because what he's been doing is ALL WRONG. That's why pitchers constantly feel like they're starting over. 

Like I said, until a pitcher can FEEL what you're asking him to do, he will never truly understand. 

Think about it. 

You Were Born With The Ability To FEEL Natural Movements...


That's why I teach movements that you can FEEL, not mechanics that you can't. 

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Here's What You Can Expect To Learn On Day 1

Day #1 is all about testing your son to find out exactly... 

  • Where and why he's leaking velocity? 
  • Does he have movement issues, or mechanical issues that could put his arm in harm's way?
  • What's his Pitching IQ and where does his game need the most attention right now? (Is it mental or physical?) 

Test #1: Mind or Motor?

Are your problems mental, physical or a little bit of both?

Are your velocity leaks and performance woes found inside your actual body, or is it really the mental game holding you back? 

  • That's extremely important to know, because one problem can be fixed very quickly, the other problem can't. 
  • The testing lets us know the fastest and most efficient way to communicate and instruct and connect with your son by using interpersonal skills and personal strengths.  

Test #2: Functional Movement Screening

Is your body locked up or just confused? 

Is your son attempting to cash checks his body can't cover or does he truly have poor mechanics?

Many times players like your son don't have mechanical issues... The real problem stems from poor movement quality.

  • Find out if you're shoulder and elbow are at risk for future problems.
  • Which parts of his body need the most attention and how much stress is he actually putting on his arm due to poor movement quality?  

Test #3: Velocity Leak Testing & Video Review

Find out exactly where are you leaking velocity inside your delivery.

The velocity leaks assessment pinpoints exactly which problem with the throwing patterns needs sealing. 

We will test: 

  • Shoulder rotation
  • Hip rotational speeds
  • Your ability to move through the center of your body
  • Ground Force generation 
  • And your overall ability to sink the delivery with rhythm and timing. 

The findings will be used as a cornerstone of your entire individual program. 

*We will also analyze and review your pitching mechanics, making sure you know by the very first day exactly what you're going to be working on over the next two days as we begin creating your individual program.


I will walk both of you through exactly what we've recently discovered. And we will both know exactly where to start with his daily training program. 

Here's what else we will cover on Day #1: 

  • Discover how to customize your own training program, and what you need to do each and every day, to pitch pain-free…and how a common household utility could be the best recovery tool in your box!
  • How to know exactly what to look for and identify on your own, the difference between sore and hurt, and why so many pitchers, including doctors, don’t even know.
  • Discover the three most important stretches to a pitcher, and why these 3 are so important, you’re velocity and arm health depend on them
  • The #1 secret used by MLB pitchers to recover faster, and why they use it even on the days it doesn’t require recovery!
  • How to use a medicine ball to improve your mechanics, especially your lower body….but it has nothing to do with your legs!
  • Why my pitchers don’t throw weighted balls inside velocity programs, but we do use them in our warm-ups instead of the mechanics destroying, stiff, straight-lined trash we call tubing exercises!
  • Why long toss is over-rated and how 5 of my MLB pitchers increased 8 mph without ever throwing a ball past 15 feet in an 8 week period! (Long toss does NOT increase velocity, you will learn that right off the bat!)- Plus, why throwing when your arm hurts could be just what doctor ordered!
  • Why tubing and band exercises could be crippling your arm and pitching mechanics-without you even realizing it! (The 20 arm care exercises I will teach you do not involve any sort of band or rubber tubing)
  • Learn why throwing backwards will increase your velocity and protect your arm-it’s mandatory for every single one of my MLB clients before they ever pick up a baseball!  

And all this will be covered just on Day #1. 

Day #2: How To Get Everything You've Got From Your Lower Half While Putting Pitching Mechanics On Auto-Pilot

Day #2: The Primary Focus On Day #2 Is How To Get More From Your Lower-Half To Reduce The Stress From Your Arm.

Here's where I show you how to get everything you can from your lower-half. 

  • How to overload and underload your hips to generate on-the-spot arm speed. 
  • How to get more from your legs by using more of your eyes. 
  • How to use your feet to reduce the amount of stress on your arm. (Cleveland Indians absolutely loved this one.) 
  • Why you will never move as fast until your body learns how to move as slow as it can. (I learned this one from a brain-surgeon and it's crazy how effective it really is.) 
  • How to involve his entire body to throw the baseball at higher speeds, to take the stress of his arm and involve the most important, but least discussed, region of his body. (Hint: it’s not the arm)
  • Discover why changing your son’s pitching mechanics is dangerous, and why video analysis is a complete waste of your time if you do it this way-  

The goal of Day #2 is teaching your son how to become his own pitching coach, so he can instantly learn how to override your body's built-in defense system to move faster, safer, easier. 

*This kind of stuff would take you years of trial and error and probably still never come close. 

By the end of the day two....

  • Your son will begin to feel your own mechanics, describing the difference between right and wrong in his own words. 
  • And after a week or two, you'll begin to feel your mechanics on autopilot. 

Within a week or son, your son will know how and why to take his mind off mechanics forever. 

Like I've said 100 times already, feel it, fix it, forget about it.

It's just a matter of time before your son will start to make his own adjustments, because he can now FEEL the difference between right and wrong. Next thing you know, you're coasting on autopilot.  

Here's what else we will discuss. 

  • How to mirror your hips to the slope of the mound to move faster, more efficiently. 
  • How to touch different parts of your body to tell it exactly what it needs to do without ever having to think about it. 
  • How to generate greater ground forces to give your arm no choice but to move faster and throw harder, easier. 
  • How to cork-screw your hips to windup your lower-body like a rubber band... Convincing your arm it's running out of time. 
  • How to use The Core Velocity Belt to fine-tune your mechanics 101 different ways.

Talking about simple stuff that works, this does. 

In fact, I'll put my name to it with a 100% guarantee. If you don't see a noticeable difference by the end of Saturday's session, I'll give you back every single dime you spent to get here.  

Finally, On Day #2 We Will Create Your Very Own 100% Customized Velocity Program That Doesn't Require Weighted Balls or Long Toss!

Here's what the NFL's Chief Medical Doctor has to say about the program... 

"I liked the personal attention Lantz gave every pitcher in the program."

"I liked the emphasis Lantz puts on FEEL."

Day #2 Bonus: Parents Q & A Session

During the Parents Q & A Session...You get a chance to ask any question you like and we won't leave until every single question or concern is covered. Parents rave about this part of the program!

Day #3: How To FEEL The Difference Between A Ball & A Strike! (Plus a whole lot more)

Like I've said 1000x...

Until a pitcher can feel the difference between a ball or a strike leaving his fingertips....

  • He will never really master the strike zone. 
  • He will never be able to make adjustments on his own. 

How could he? He can't feel the difference. 

Truth is....

There's no reason any pitcher shouldn't throw at least 75% strikes. 

Without question, I'm going to open your eyes to the fastest way humanly possible way to throw strikes right now, even with your eyes closed. 

Here's what you can expect to learn on Day #3: 

  • How to use loud sounds as a sonar radar to quickly throw more strikes. 
  • How to read hitters like a book, and know exactly which pitch to throw, when to throw it, and where to throw it. 
  • How changing the pitch, changes your mechanics.  
  • How to use a girl's hairnet or rubber band to teach you the feel of a nasty slider or filthy curve ball. 
  • How to use only your eyes to change the pitch and your mechanics without ever once thinking about your mechanics. 

In fact...

  • Mental strategy tips used by my pro clientele to keep cool when everyone around you is melting down.  
  • Discover how to use a rubber band to develop a filthy slider, in a matter of minutes, its the same trick I use with all my MLB pitchers!
  • How to move the baseball like a whiffle-ball, and why the grip is by far the least important, to moving the baseball.
  • Why your thumb could be the reason your velocity is down, but it could also be the reason your ball moves, which is it?
  • How to read hitters and know exactly what to throw, and when to throw it, simply by watching what the hitter does and he has no idea he’s even doing it! (This really works every time, because its physically impossible for hitters to make solid contact, unless they “connect these two things”!)
  • How to trick the umpire into widening the strike zone. 

Plus we will cover... 

  • How to throw a change-up that looks exactly like your fastball, and even thrown the same way, making it easy to instantly throw it in the strike zone. 
  • How to get more break on your curveball by doing something different with your back leg. 
  • How to use the old school "Tic-tac-toe" game to learn a new pitch you'll never forget how to throw.

But by far and away the most important concept we will cover is... 

How to instantly FEEL the difference between a ball and a strike, for every single pitch you throw. 

Day #3 Finale

Here's where we will leave no stone unturned. You will have the answers you traveled across country to get. Finally you will learn exactly where does your son needs to start, and what he needs to do to play at the next level.  

  • I realize, the most important day at camp is the day that you get home. 
  • So, I've put safeguards in place to protect the investment you made in your son's career. 
  • I want him and you to be 100% sure you know exactly what you're to do when you get home.  

Here Are My Only Rules For Camp

  • Videotaping of any kind during instruction is strictly prohibited. 
  • However, you will be given the opportunity to take hundreds of videos of your own son. 

I'm sharing information with you that up until now has only been revealed to my closest friends and mentors. I can't take the chances of letting information like this slip out, because it's so simple, any pitching coach could apply it. 

And trust me, they will steal it. 

But you'll get plenty of video for your son.. In fact: 

  • I make it mandatory for you to videotape your son performing whatever it is we're working together on. 
  • I'll even reveal my five-step checklist to analyzing pitching mechanics like a pro. 

Let's face it. 

You're going to see your son more often than I will, and the information I'm going to share with you is so simple that any parent could feel like the best pitching coach in just a matter of a few hours. It really is that simple, trust me. I'll hand you that information on parents' bonus night. 

More later.  

Let's Review What All You're Getting When You Attend One of My 3-Day Core Velocity Training Programs

Day #1: 

Day One: 

  • Mind or motor test results: You will find out whether or not most of your performance woes are mental, or physical. 
  • Functional movement screening to find the hidden ticking time bombs and finally let you know with 100% certainty whether you're facing movement constraints, or if it's really a pitching mechanics problem. 
  • Velocity Leak Scan: This is the cornerstone of the entire program and will quickly pin-point where you're leaking velocity and will allow us to begin customizine a 100% "For you only" program to get it fixed. 
  • Arm Care program which will include a customized long toss, pregame and post-game throwing routines. so that you'll never have to guess again what your son should be doing on game day, or any other day.  

By the end of Day #1: you will have answered the following questions: 

  • Where is my son's invisible stress? 
  • What's really holding him back? 
  • What's the best plan of attack before it's too late?
  • Is his mind or body failing him, and how do you know? 
  • Is his body locked up or just confused from previous instruction over the years? 
  • Is it really his mechanics that are bad, or is he asking his body to write a check it can't really cash? 
  • Which velocity leak is killing your son and holding him back from reaching his potential? 
  • What type of pitcher is he really, and where do I see him three years from now? 
  • How should his long toss program and throwing routines be set up to maximize the efficiency of his training time?  

Day #2 Review: You Will Learn How To Instantly Generate On The Spot Arm Speed To Increase Your Velocity While Reducing Arm Stress

Let's review day two. 

Here's what you're getting on day two. 

  • You will learn before the end of Day #2 exactly how to get everything you've got from your lower-half. 
  • You will learn the 4-Step FEEL Method used by my $1,000,000 pro clients to become your own pitching coach and finally STOP Over-Thinking your pitching mechanics. 
  • You and your son will get access to the same system I use to evaluate pitching mechanics that makes it super easy to identify flaws and fix them on the spot. 
  • A customized velocity program that doesn't require weighted balls, or long toss... Showing you how to use The Core Velocity Belt to overload your hips to instantly increase arm speed on the spot.  

By the end of day two, you will come to a realization that pitching isn't as hard as everyone has made it out to be. It's much simpler than you think. 

Once you start to feel your mechanics, and feel your own body moving in a way that it's never moved before, you will start to forget about pitching mechanics and suddenly let your body take over what it was naturally born to do. 

Plus, you'll get direct access to the new Core Velocity Program. 

I'm not at liberty to reveal much now.  

I almost forgot...

I'll also teach every pitcher and parent how to analyze and review your pitching mechanics in a way that makes it so easy, even kids as young as 10 years old can do it. (The reason why? We only look for two things and those two things, tell you where to go next. It's likea crossword puzzle where you already have the answers.)

It's important to know that day two (Group) instruction cannot be videotaped, because I'm going to reveal the fastest way humanly possible to feel how to throw harder, faster, safer, easier.  

"Lantz teaches these kids how to become their own coach on the mound."

Day #3 Review: How To Consistently Throw More Strikes With Greater Confidence... Without Ever Thinking About Your Mechanics

Here's what all you're going to learn on Day #3:

  • How to disguise your change-up and make it look identical to your fastball, and how to avoid the #1 mistake every pitcher makes with their off-speed pitches! (This is the “Ah-ha” moment for most pitchers!)
  • Your son will learn why his eyes are the most important aspect to throwing more strikes and will by themselves, change his pitching mechanics without even considering his pitching mechanics!
  • How to use a radar gun to throw slower, and how this alone, will increase your velocity and help you get more swings and misses!
  • See for yourself first-hand, and learn hands-on why, the reason pitchers struggle to throw strikes, has nothing to do with your mechanics, and everything to do with your eyes.
  • Your son will discover the 3 point, Auto-Pilot system to make changes during the game, to throw more strikes, sharper breaking balls and never once, even consider making changes to his pitching mechanics.
  • Discover how to use a rubber band to develop a filthy slider, in a matter of minutes, its the same trick I use with all my MLB pitchers!
  • How to move the baseball like a whiffle-ball, and why the grip is by far the least important, to moving the baseball.
  • Why your thumb could be the reason your velocity is down, but it could also be the reason your ball moves, which is it?
  • How to read hitters and know exactly what to throw, and when to throw it, simply by watching what the hitter does and he has no idea he’s even doing it! (This really works every time, because its physically impossible for hitters to make solid contact, unless they “connect these two things”!)  

 Immediately following the pitch development and winning mental strategy session, we will spend the last portion of our program reviewing any questions about your individual program.  

2020 Camp Dates: 

2020 Camps

  • President's Day Weekend, February 15-17 (Nashville, TN)
  • June 5-7 (Nashville, TN)
  • July 10-12 (Nashville, TN)
  • July 24-26 (Huntington Beach, CA)
  • August 7-9 (Nashville, TN)
  • September 5-7 (Nashville, TN)
  • October 9-11 (Huntington Beach, CA)
  • Thanksgiving Weekend, November 27-29 (Nashville, TN)
  • December 18-20 (Nashville, TN)


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Trust what you FEEL!