2 Formulas For Increasing Velocity... The One I Choose

At least 9 of the 10 pitchers reading this today have more velocity in the tank…

It’s obvious to everyone…

But how do you tap into it?

Well, you could do what this kid did….

Here’s what his Dad sent me the other day…

Hey Lantz

Just thought you’d like to know that Jared’s velo peaked at 88 yesterday!

That’s 3 mph higher than in October at the PG WWBA and…2 mph faster than at Dodger Day at The University of Memphis.

Threw 3 innings in the first intersquad of the season. Players came up to Jared and said he was even faster than it looked!


Typically, pitchers suffering from ‘velocity stuck in the mud’ syndrome fall into one of two categories…

Here’s how you can tell which velocity pit you’ve fallen into…

Category #1:

If you’re velocity has been stuck at the same speed for awhile and you’re not seeing it increase, no matter what you try…

And –

“If you lose more than 3 mph from a running start versus pitching from the mound… Arm strength isn’t your problem.”

Do you fall into this group?

No worries…. It’s there.

You just haven’t been properly shown how to effectively user your lower-half to generate ‘on the spot’ arm speed.

That’s easy.

Don’t get discouraged because this is a good thing…

Your chances for seeing a quick turn-around are much greater than the next group I’m going to tell you about.

The next group also encounters similar problems as you… And it’s often hard to tell the difference between the two.

Category #2:

Until you see which pitching drills they’re using.

Sadly, this group of pitchers have been given pitching drills that aren’t designed for them.

– These drills are doing more harm than good.

– Forcing the pitcher to become thought conscious of every single move…

Over-thinking every single move they make… And then watching it on video. Force feeding their body, drills that uncomfortable and far from natural.

To be honest…

There’s nothing ‘free-flowing’ about their mechanics. They look stiff and robotic.


They’re only doing what they’ve been taught. They don’t know any better and it sucks because these guys tend to be the hardest
working kids you’ll ever meet.

But –

Unless they change their routine, and mind-set… They’ll never see results.

Does this sound like you?

If so…

You’ve got some work to do and my first piece of advice…

“FEEL it and forget it!”

You’re not going to have a video camera to bring to the mound, and your instructor or private pitching coach won’t do you any good when you step on the mound.

FEEL is all you’ve got once you step on the mound.

So, here’s the two formulas for velocity…

#1: Focus on building arm strength via weighted balls.

Personally, I’m not against weighted balls.

But – just like any weight training program…

If you’re not training with them during the season, you’re going to lose your gains.

Plus –

Arm strength takes so much more time to see results, and they’re not guaranteed.

The second velocity formula is the one I choose for all my clients, even the MLB guys.

We choose to train ‘arm speed’ not arm strength.

Arm speed can be gained right now, instantly… As long as you know how.

And it’s so much easier than you think once you learn how to effectively use your lower-half.

The truth is…

You’ve got to convince your arm it’s running out of time, and once you do this…

It gets ridiculous.

In any case, there’s nothing about you, genetically or physically debilitating that’s keeping you from seeing jumps in velocity.

And to be honest, you should be able to make these changes by yourself.

But – if you can’t or don’t feel comfortable trying it on your own…

And – you’re just ready to stop worrying yourself sick about it, you want instant relief or just know for sure that you’re on the right track…

I can definitely help you…

But only by you clicking this link and reserving your spot to one of my Core Velocity 3-Day Pitching Programs that are filling so fast, they may be gone if you wait.

(Since the inception of The Core Velocity Pitching Program, every event has SOLD OUT and the $300 Early Bird Discount is expiring once the ‘limit I’ve set has been reached’)

No worries though…

If you wait to late to get in this summer and miss the $300 Early Bird Discount… Be sure to look out for the December program.

Hope to write your entire 365 day program for you and even better – get to personally know you throughout your journey.

I’m here if you need me, all you gotta do is click the link below to get my individual attention and honest opinion.


Trust what you FEEL!

P.S: Every single attendee will experience first – hand… The NEW Over-Load/Under-Load Hip Velocity Program and undergo a thorough exam where I’ll use my formula for pin-point exactly when – why and where you’re losing velocity.

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